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12/26/2012 11:13:20 AM - Steve Pulcinella
Xmas training

Iron Sport was closed on xmas but me and my partners met up down there to train anyway. We all ended up having a successful session. Both my partners hit all time squat PRs and I hit a beautiful 515lb high-bar squat that just felt so perfect. It was one of those lifts where you pick the bar up off the racks and all of the sudden you have a sudden surge of energy and confidence and just bury the lift. Itís been a long time since I felt that feeling with a heavy squat . . . . or in the bedroom come to think of it.

515x1 (even my wife was impressed about how deep and easy this looked and she is never impressed with anything I do)
410x 3 sets of 5

Superset leg extensions with leg press (with a shitfuckton amount of band tension added)

Thatís all we did and I was wobbly walking out of the gym for some reason.

Pictured here: Me and my assistant Katie visiting my "way too into Christmas" neighbor's house. We were halway drunk and just decided to barge into the line in front of all the kids and get out picture taken. Always classy.

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