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10/19/2012 3:06:13 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Happy birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

Another year older today. Iíd like to say that I woke up today and there was a custom EFS chopper sitting in my driveway with a big bow on it and a note saying, ĎThanks for all the great work you do, Iíd be nowhere without you. Love you lots, your buddy, Dave Tateí. But that didnít happen. Come to think of it, I havenít even heard from Dave yet today. Hmmm thatís weird, all I can think of is that he must be working on a big surprise for me later!

So Iím 47 now, Iím almost at that age where my balls start hanging out of my shorts, I think fifty is when that starts. Iím pretty sure thatís why Harry Selkow never wears shoes, so when he feels his balls touching his feet he knows when to tuck them back up.

Also in honor of my birthday I turned the classic rock channel on in the gym all day today and basically annoyed the shit out of everyone with my old man music. Fuck it, Iím making that a tradition. ĎOld balls birthday music dayí.

There was a lot of action in the gym today so far. While we were training this morning a young guy walked in and paid for a day pass. He sets himself up to do some deadlifts and whips out a lap top computer and puts it on the Box Squat Box . I jokingly said to him, ďI hope you donít plan on popping in a P90X DVD and doing fifteen minute ab burn in hereĒ. He then pulled a Tendo unit out of his bag and I was excited when he told me what it was because I thought he said NINtendo and I wanted to play Mario Cart. He hooked up the Tendo to the bar and proceeded to work up to 725lbs in bar weight plus 80lbs in chains for a set of 4! Damn boy, I guess we ainít playing Nintendo! I love when dudes just walk into the gym unannounced and do impressive shit like that.

Todays training:
Front squats:
60kgs x 8
80 x 6
100 x 3
120 x 2
130 x 2
140 x 2
80 x 10

Speed deads:
We just did 6 sets of 5 with a shitfuckton of band tension. It was horrible

Old school t-bar rows: 4 sets of 10 - I havenít done these since high-school and I remember them being much better than they were today.

Wide grip pull-downs: 4 sets of 15

Dumbbell pull-overs with band tension added to dumbbell: 4 sets of 12

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