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9/19/2012 9:11:07 AM -
Training Update

It's been very hard to find the time to log my session then when I do find the time there are SO many to log.

Instead of trying to catch them all up I will post what my training split is right now and how things have been progressing.

Sat – Legs (heavy)
Sunday – Chest/Shoulders (heavy)
Monday – Back (heavy)
Tuesday – Legs (light/explosive)
Wednesday – Chest/Shoulders (light)
Thursday – Arms
Friday – Back (light)

This is the second week of this and I'm not going to lie. This is kicking my ass, I'm having a hard time recovering, and don't want to go in the gym some days. Most of this is all mental so it will pass in time. I will take a day off when I physically feel like it's needed. The mental stuff is just getting used to training everyday again.

Last bodyfat check was 9.25 at 270 so more calories were pulled because the pace is moving to slow. I should be dropping a half a percent every two weeks.

Dave Tate

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