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6/11/2012 2:52:59 PM -
Leg Day Catch Up - Saturday

Leg Curls
* at least 7 warm up sets
* 3 work sets of 8 reps
* 1 strip set with 3 drops followed by partials until the machine wouldn't budge one inch.

Reverse elitefts™ Bands with Yoke bar with standing on Weight Bearing Slants.
* 5 warm up sets until 4 plates.
* 2 sets 8 with 4 plates
* Strip set with 4 plates.

John's Set

Leg Presses
* Started with 6 plates for 8-10 reps.
* Add 2 plates per set for 10 reps
* When we got to 14 plates we did a strip set.

John's Set

EFS Monster Mondo Hack Squat
* One warm up set
* 3 work sets. These were done like this...
6 reps with a very close stance - deep, followed by 6 reps with a medium stance, 6 reps with a wide stance, 6 reps with the medium stance again and 6 more close stance reps.

This was super set with walking lunges to failure.

Leg Extensions
* 2 sets 50 reps (until total failure - can't move one inch)

Cambered Bar Goodmornings
* One warm up set
* 3 sets 8 reps
** These were with toes up and really pushing back hard onto the hamstrings.

Toe Presses
*2 warm up sets
* 4 sets 30 reps with one sec pause.

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