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5/27/2012 11:12:03 AM -
Saturday Back/Biceps and fighting an itch

Foam roll upper and lower
Band reverse flies 3x10
Bent over rows 225 3x10
Underhand pulldowns 100 3x10
Band assisted pullups neutral grip 2x10
Bent bar curls w/chains and 10's 3x10
Dbl wrist curls 20 2x20

Contrast shower

Kept all rest between sets to 1 minute. Fighting that assistance battle again. Am I supposed to push it or just get it done? I don't know that I'll ever truly know the answer to that one. This time I just got it done, but I got it done quickly.

Good news, I was able to get the part I needed to get my treadmill fixed. I actually missed that thing. The airdyne has caused me some serious irritation in my nether region. Thank goodness for Baby Gold Bond Powder.

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Tingling down below,
Vincent Dizenzo

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