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4/30/2012 3:20:35 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Meet report (sort of) and some training stuff

This past weekend our gym hosted the Iron Sport Power Classic. Kate Baird was the meet director and once again she ran the show beautifully. Kate and I seem to have this whole thing down to a science now, so these meets run like a well oiled machine. I really canít report on what kind of numbers were being put up and by who because I was stuck at the front counter ringing up sales the whole day, but I can tell you that I was visited by a few crazy locals during the day.

One if my visitors was a local boxing legend now turned down and out hobo named Bert Cooper. Bert grew up down the road and is the same age as me, we actually threw the shot out against each other in high school. His claim to fame is that he took on Evander Holyfield in his prime and nearly beat him for the heavyweight crown. Now he kicks around the area and a couple times a year, he stops in and shakes me down for some cash. I always throw him twenty bucks, for three reasons. I have a soft spot for broken down ex-athletes, It makes him go away faster and he still looks like the meanest motherfucker I ever saw and might just resort to strong arm robbery and I donít want him punching me in the face. My head is now my bread and butter, I canít have it all beaten in.

The second visit was from the same crackhead super duo that walks in here about once a year and assume that Iím an idiot and donít remember them, but I do. Their ingenious scam is they go to the GNC down the street and steal a shopping bag full of expensive supplements and then come in here trying to sell them. They always claim that the guy bought them and then tried to return them and the people at GNC suggest that he come here and try to sell them instead. Meanwhile they are never in a GNC bag, itís always a bag from like Eckard Drugs or Pet Smart or somewhere. I reminded them that I am the guy that called the cops on them the last time they were here trying to fence stolen property and to kindly GET THE FUCK OUT!

But all in all the gym didnít get too destroyed this time, the menís room toilet survived about nine hundred fear dumps and hopefully everyone went home with a happy experience . . . except the crackhead supplement burglars, I hope they OD and die.

Sunday training:
Snatch: three waves
50x1, 70x1, 80x1, 90x1
75x1, 85x1, 95x1
80x1, 90x1, 100x1, 105x1

Snatch high-pulls: 140kgsx3x3, 150x3x3
Neck work: 5 sets
Eliptical: 30 mins

Monday training:
Benches: 2 board with added band tension

Flat dumbbells: 85s, 100ís, 120ís, 120ís, 70ís

Cable flyes: 4x12

Some light biceps work after that

Here is a picture of me and my buddy Cory ĎSwedeí Burns hamming for the camera from on Saturday. Swede owns Keyhole Barbell out in Apollo PA in western PA. So if you are out that way and looking for a good coach Google up Big Swede.

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