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4/24/2012 6:17:41 PM -
Squat / Pull Day

Squat / Pull Day

555 Week for the squat with light deadlifting


Bar for 5
135 for 5
225 for 5

Work Sets
350 for 5
400 for 5
450 for 5

Deficit deads off 100 lb plate

135 for 3
225 for 1
315 for 1
405 for 1

Step Ups

3 sets of 8 with 195

Glute ham Raise

3 sets of 15

Knee Ext

3 sets of 8


Nice Workout. Just reps prescribed today and I loved it. This felt much better than last week’s squats. My legs are coming around. I hope that after this first mini cycle of just reps prescribed that I’ll be ready to go for some tough 5 plus rep sets. I’m taking it very easy on the DL on 555 and deload weeks. Since I’m doing sumos and rdl’s on 333 and 531 I don’t want to overdo it. Been there……Done that!!! It was nice to cruise on the squats and DL’s then really focus on the assistance work. 2 more weeks of light to medium work then it’s time to get going.

Scott Yard

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