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4/7/2012 5:51:40 PM -
Leg Day

Lying Leg Curls with elitefts pro mini bands (doubled) using the elitefts plate loaded leg curl machine.
* 6 warm up sets of 6-8 reps
* 4 work sets of 6-8
* Last set finished with partials to failure

Leg press with elietfts Monster Mondo Leg Press
* 4 warm up sets 10-15
* 6 sets 8 (progressive work sets)

Leg Extensions
* 3 work sets of 15
* 1 killer set of full reps mixed with partials. Between 30-40 reps total.

High Box Squats (reverse 41" elitefts™ Premium Fierce Onyx Band 1 1/8) and elitefts SS Yoke Bar
* 3 warm up sets
* 2 wrok sets of 8
* 4 plates per side for 32, stripped on plate for 8, stripped another plate for 10
** John told me we have 4 more sets of 8 left so I figured I wold just do them all in one set and get it over with.

SS Yoke Bar Squats - close stance- super deep
* no warm ups
* 3 sets 10-15 with one plate per side super set with one leg lunges with elitefts chains

Standing One Leg Curls
* 3 sets 15 reps

Dave Tate

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