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3/25/2012 8:01:00 AM -
Cardio, Mobility, and Abs

Since the meet is a week away I slightly lowered the intensity on the cardio work. Instead of the 5 30 second sprints I only did 3. I walked for 20 minutes and every 6 minutes or so I would bump the speed to 12.0 for 30 seconds then coast at 3.0

I then did my mobility work and alot of stretching. I find that my back acts up if I get lazy on the stretching. When I say lazy I mean only stretching a for a few minutes as opposed to 10 minutes. A little extra seems to go along way for me these days.

I finished up with abs for 8 sets total with various weighted sit up machines.


A couple easy ones left and its meet day again.


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