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3/22/2012 1:06:17 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday training and more unwanted guests

Todays training- Shoulder and biceps
Since we are on a light week, we hooked up some moderate band tension to our brand new tasty Power Rack - Collegiate Power Rack and did some standing presses speed work.

Snatch grip high-pulls

ITY dumbbell raises: 4x10/10/10

Superset light behind neck presses (20 reps) and barbell curls (10 reps) x 5 sets

Hammer curls: 4 drop sets

In the middle of our training I see a new person walking in. Now I know itís not right to pass judgment on people by the way they look but this motherf*cker looked like straight up, fresh out of the state pen white trash. Right as I approached him he went directly into prison mode and had to establish how tough he was by saying he was a boxer and just got out of prison. Iíve been in this business long enough to know that statement meant two very important things, I donít have any money and not only am I about to waste your time, but Iím about to waste your TRAINING time. Fuck, I knew I should have let Bob deal with this clown.

Right away he looks at my 1500lb train wheels and tells me that his buddy whoís a boxer in prison could lift them. At this point I have mentally written him off and just turned around and started walking back to the weightroom to do my next set of high-pulls. He follows me into the other room and looks around, as Iím doing my next set heís slinging more preposterous bullshit at me saying that he is training to be a fighter and that he needed these special machines with computers on them to get his stamina up. I threw the barbell down and said, ďAwww man, we donít have those, all we have is these weights and stuff.Ē Meanwhile I had no idea what this moron was talking about. He then started wearing out his welcome even more by talking to other people in the gym. At that point we sort of ushered him out the door hopefully never to be seen again.

The jailbird actually pissed me off less than the guy I caught pissing behind my dumpster late yesterday. Just once I want to catch one of these jerk-offs and have then not give ME a hard time. Just apologize, realize that you are a doped up loser and go away. But instead I end standing there in front of this guy, Iím twice his size, probably five times his strength, Iím extremely enraged, veins are popping out all over my body, face and head and Iím sober (he was not). And this guy wants to freaking argue with me. I was in his face and my fists were balled up, I havenít been that close to just utterly destroying somebody in a long time. Luckily I just came to my senses and realized all I stand to lose and walked away. Is it a wonder why my Dr just doubled the dosage of my blood pressure meds?


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