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2/12/2012 6:32:34 PM -
Mobility, Recovery, and Shoulder Work

Woh did I speak too soon about my back. I woke up in shambles. Limping, Hunched over, and hurting. WTF, I have no clue what the deal is.

Any way......No time to wine with the ARNOLD 3 weeks away. I iced, heated, stretched and foam rolled multiple times today. With my back feeling ok after all that I headed to the YMCA for some shoulder work.

Hammer Strength Side Raise

5 hard sets of 15

Cable Front Raise over head

3 sets of 10

Face Pulls

5 heavy sets of 10

I then did some rotater work in 3 different angles for 2 sets of 10 each angle.


Scott Yard

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