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12/18/2014  Harry Selkow

Thanks for the quick reply, Harry. One follow up question- My training is split up into 4 days. Typically my plan is Sun/Tues/Wed/Fri. Do you think changing days around week-to-week (based on m Read More

12/18/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vinny, thanks a lot. I will try that strategy on my next Deload!! Best regards, Jason Read More

12/18/2014  Harry Selkow

Morning Sir, no I'm not useing a pad just laying on the floor. But I take it I should have a small pad of some kind. If so how much of a pad would be good. Always great learning new things. Thanks Read More

12/17/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, How do you decide when to take a day off if you've planned a day of lifting? How do you tell whether it's CNS fatigue or you're just TIRED? thanks! Read More

12/17/2014  Harry Selkow

THANKS HARRY,,one question,,,even after shoulder heals,,,how do you feel about one week doing speed work for squat and bench, then the other two days of the week rep asst. work then week 2 max effor Read More

12/17/2014  Harry Selkow

Here is my week 4 Day1 DE bench: 4 grips 8x3x135 Day2 ME dead standing on 3" block 3rpm: 355 Day3 ME bench went to floor press 3rpm: 195 Day4 DE squat/dead Box squat 10x2x225 Dead 10x1x225 Read More



12/18/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vincent, Just wanted to say you've been an inspiration to me in my own training. I've been dealing with a facet joint injury for about 2-Months now, and its been frustrating. Seeing your training  Read More

12/16/2014  Murph

I'm new to powerlifting i have always went to the gym but I have been weightlifting seriously and tracked nutrition for the past year on my own. I have been slowly transitioning into powerlifting orie Read More

12/16/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh- is it unreasonable to try to add five lbs to my bench every week until I really gain some strength? Read More



12/18/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey I'm 13 and was wondering what weight I should be hitting for powerlifting? I just competed in my first meet in the 12-13 year old class and the 123 weight division with just a belt. I hit 115 on b Read More

Harley Entwistle
12/18/2014  Harry Selkow

What are your rates Read More

12/16/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, thanks for answering my question...about the cardio. I am down to 8% BF Read More

12/16/2014  Josh Bryant

Good morning, I am very interested in purchasing your book "Built to the Hilt" however I can't seem to find it in a paperback or hardcover version. Are you planning on releasing a print copy anytim Read More

Josh Tenborg


12/17/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Dr. Deebel, Are you aware of any powelifters, either on this site or otherwise who have had surgery for spinal stenosis and have gone on to compete in the squat and deadlift? I have severe spinal  Read More

Brian Burnbaum
12/17/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

I'm 63 and have been lifting for about 35 years. Ten years ago I deadlifted 610 @ 198. I've had some injuries that have set my lifting back quite a bit. All my upper body lifts are still pretty good,  Read More

12/17/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Hey All...I've been dealing with pain and tightness in my shoulders now for about two months. It directly effects my bench press with anything less than a three board because when I go for the hit to Read More

12/16/2014  Casey Williams

I'm looking to warm-up better. Is that what the shoulder distractions are for and what are they Thanks Cody Read More

Cody wells
12/15/2014  Scott Yard

I have a job where I sit most of the day. My posture is good but when I walk or stand for extended periods of time my lower back gets super tight. What can I do to fix this? I was thinking my hips nee Read More

12/15/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Knee surgery, rehab update. Read More

Thomas Deebel DC

Squat - Deadlift

12/17/2014  Murph

Hi Murph,you seem so well-informed over the months that I'm actually thinking about asking you a dating question. But my training question for today is how best to separate the dead lift and the squat Read More

12/16/2014  Scott Yard

Scott, Congratulations on setting the 275 bench record. That is a great number under USAPL conditions. Have you noticed much difference between the Eleiko and a Texas Power Bar (not deadlift ba Read More

12/16/2014  Josh Bryant

Say if a particular lifting plan of yours has a rep/set scheme that a lifter likes. Can a plan be interchangeable for another lift? I've seen some deadlift plans of yours that I'd like to apply to the Read More

12/15/2014  Scott Yard

When I squat near my one rep max I tend to get stuck in the hole and leaning forward. When my spotter pulls me back to straighten me out, I can easily get the weight up. I was wondering what might be  Read More


Fat Loss

12/17/2014  Murph

Murph, Do you have any helpful tips to effectively carb cut? I usually give up when the bad voices start. Read More

Lt Z
12/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Training & fat loss So, if diet is the primary component of fat loss, and cardio is the primary component of conditioning, what purpose or value is there to intensity workouts? Read More


Olympic Sports

12/17/2014  Murph

Hey Murph, Got any good drills to work on the 2nd pullof the clean? Thanks dude Read More

Kevin cann
12/16/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, I know you recommend some kind of carb cycling for bodybuilders and powerlifters but what would you recommend for an olympic weightlifter whose at his weight class (2-hour weigh ins) a Read More


Iron Brothers

12/17/2014  Harry Selkow

Become your neighbor? I thought you live in NorCal. Is it actually warm up there? I thought it was more like Seattle type weather, but maybe you don't live that far north. I'd like to move out of the  Read More

12/16/2014  Clint Darden

Hey clint, thank you for your answers about the strongman training, you gave me plenty of ideas to work with. I have made a few of the things you showed me. My next question is how did you make the mo Read More

12/15/2014  Scott Yard

Congrats. I thought they were 21's. Just need a few more a McRibs :)))))) Read More

12/15/2014  Scott Yard

Scott, Great meeting you at USAPL nationals yesterday! Congrats on your record and some great lifting.  Read More

Brandon Farris


12/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hey Team EFS, my question pertains to meet cycles and the Conjugate System. I train Conjugate in the off-season and was wondering the basics of writing a meet cycle using this method. In a standard me Read More



12/17/2014  Josh Bryant

hi josh, I am non competitive body builder with plans to compete sometime in the near future. You helped me with my lats and they have grown a lot since last time we talked. The two things I am still  Read More

12/17/2014  Josh Bryant


12/16/2014  Shane Church

I need advice on how to train my wife, she has different goals then i do. I train specifically for powerlifting, she trains to look better/leaner and be in good shape. I have no experience in training Read More

12/15/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, Just wondering what is the average time frame of your workouts? Could you possibly give a run-down of them? I'm always looking at your training log to get new ideas on movements, tempos, etc Read More


Bench Press

12/17/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, Thanks for answering my questions. I was thinking about doing plyo push ups before heavy bench presses. Is this a good idea? Read More

John The Baptist

Products and Reviews

12/17/2014  Marc Bartley

Marc, Do your farmers walk straps hold multiple 45's - say, 2 to 4 of 45lb plates? Thx, Dave Read More

12/16/2014  Scott Yard

Hey Scott I know you have used 531 in the past and I was wondering how you liked it and if it is something you would recommend congrats on your success at your meet thanks joe Read More

12/15/2014  Scott Yard

Does elite sell a box that is meant for box jumps? Read More



12/16/2014  Harry Selkow

when do you feel is the best time to take creatine, Read More



12/16/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, I have a question about leucine supplementation. I have been reading some stuff that says it's really good for increasing protein synthesis. I wanted to get some to try it, but then I rea Read More


Powerlifting Gear

12/16/2014  Marshall Johnson

Hey Marshall, just enquiring about the sizing on the new shirt compared to the jack. The chestplate on the jack is too big for my liking, mine is a size 50 with 54 arms, then I fin them to tighten the Read More


Sports Training

12/15/2014  The Thinker

James, Hope all is well, had a couple questions on my mind I hope you could answer/give your thoughts on: 1) In your Applied Sprint Training manual, you list examples of team sport programs at t Read More



12/15/2014  Mark Dugdale

Hi Mark, I was reading your responses to Ian, and have for some time been considering switching over to the Biotest products for a few months to see how I feel using them, since you so highly recom Read More



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