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3/31/2012 3:27:54 PM - Andrew Murphy
My question is in regards to squatting.

When i squat my knees tend to buckle in slightly just as i get out of "the hole" when i either go heavy or become fatigued at the end of a rough set.

My squatting stance is wide, with toes pointed outward at about 45 degrees.

I know it is probably difficult to diagnose on just the info i gave, but would you say this is caused by a muscle weakness,imbalance or tightness? Most importantly, how can i correct it?

I searched online for an answer to this, but i wanted to go to a source i trusted and have faith in.

Thanks for any and all input and it is greatly appreciated.

I'm not Dave but I can help.
This is hard to diagnose as you stated without seeing you, but it could be a weakness or flexibility related, or it could be technical.
Try doing a few sets with a EFS Pro Monster Mini Bands around your knees. This will remind you to force the knees out.
You can also try doing the good girl/bad girl machine, although I am not a fan of this, many have had success with it.
You can also try getting a lacrosse ball and rolling it on the lateral hamstring/IT band/ hip area as part of your warm up and in between sets. This will help loosen those areas up much better than a foam roller. They are hard to reach with the roller.
Once they are loose, they will be able to fire better.
Good luck.


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