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Sports Training

9/30/2014  Mark Watts

I am a strength and conditioning intern at a small D1 university and have been given the opportunity to program for the men's cheerleading team, what lifts, both primary and secondary, along with cond Read More

Gavin B
9/30/2014  Harry Selkow

Roger! I am planning to compete in the 100MTR dash. The competition is in May and i have dreams to make it on to the Paralympic team! Yes sir! I am a motivated MARINE TILL I D. I. E! Thank you for y Read More

9/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Thanks for the response. I all about the laughs. It has been 9 years since my leg has been blown off. Yes, I run a alot with my prosthetic. I incorporate single leg work with my prosthetic. Alot Read More



9/30/2014  Andy Deck

do you do a water cut when you have to weight in for lightweights? How much do you lose and when do you start it? Read More

Juan C

Squat - Deadlift

9/30/2014  Andy Deck

Im 14 and can deadlift 300 lbs. How can I build my deadlift? Read More

Josiah Linquist
9/30/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hi JL, First, I follow your log and all of your articles and I thank you! I am 57 and am currently preparing for a meet on November 7. This video is from my last max dead lift day and I am pulling  Read More

Courtenay Khoury
9/30/2014  Josh Bryant

So I get pain in my tibia on my right leg when I get into a squat position even unweighted. any thoughts on what could be causing this? it doesn't go away either. Thanks Read More

9/28/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hi Could you please tell me what you think of my deadlift. Last week I did 5 sets of 3 with 195kg and had the last set critiqued here. I was told to work on having a more neutral spine and to  Read More

9/28/2014  Brandon Smitley

Will someone critique my deadlift form please? These are supposed to be speed pulls, Haha. I can see the bar gets away from me a little bit, but what else can I improve? Starting position? Any help Read More



9/30/2014  Andy Deck

Andy, how do you get an accurate weight measurement on your keg? I've tried to use my bathroom scale but it isn't wide enough to make a solid base, so the keg sits on it unevenly. I've tried standing  Read More

9/30/2014  Andy Deck

looking for some advice on a car deadlift. i have a competition coming up on nov 1st with a car deadlift. i have been stapled in two previous competitions by this. im in the lw200 class. i have a 450  Read More

derek girven


9/30/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hi JL. I live in australia and am looking an online coach to do my programming. Basically to lok at what I am missing. Up until now I have been doing my own programming with mixed results. My squat a Read More

9/30/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hi, So I am very confused as to what to do in my training. I need to get stronger, but there's so many different programs out there I do not know which one to follow to make optimal progress! I need t Read More

9/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, For the three day a week jailhouse routine, how would you set up the three day a week routine if you can't deadlift? The third day is mp/deads, I wasn't sure if it would be better to do  Read More

9/29/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I was asking if you could give me some Information on the CAT principle that you seem to use for a Lot of your clients (from what i have seen on Youtube), especially for applying CAT for squ Read More



9/30/2014  JL Holdsworth

Mr. JL, Thanks for getting back so soon, I know you've been busy with the gym, moving, new baby. You understood correctly about "fire up", I didn't think I was using slang, so I apologise. I never  Read More

Little John
9/30/2014  Brandon Smitley

Brandon, Thanks a lot for your very detailed advice on my deadlift techique. That's really helpful. Read More

9/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, Thank you for all the advise you have given me. I just finished my first competition and it was amazing! Can't wait till my next one! I placed first in my weight class (220) raw w/o wraps.  Read More

9/29/2014  Mickey Belaineh

How does it feel to be a sponsored athlete with the best company in the industry? Also, what is the best gym in the world? Read More

9/29/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hey JL no real question here, just wanted to say that I always like your answers on the q&a, and I also enjoy reading your (along with many others) training logs, I really learn a lot from everyone at Read More


Fat Loss

9/30/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

I am basically just starting my own Operation Be Less Fat. I am noticing a major decline in my energy for workouts. I feel comfortable with my calorie and protein/fat distribution but not clear on how Read More

Jorge Valdez


9/30/2014  Jim Wendler

Hey JIm, I'm the guy that asked about stalling out on bench day. You're advice was to just follow the program. the problem I am having is that i can't do OHP due to a shoulder injury. what would you Read More

9/30/2014  Jim Wendler

Hi Jim. How you place your hands on the bar when doing any lifts that incorporates the shoulders in a way that will maintain the health of the shoulders in the long run? Am asking this question  Read More

9/30/2014  Jim Wendler

Jim I've been using 5/3/1 and beyond 5/3/1 for the last 3 or 4 years and have seen great, steady gains in my squat as dead. Trouble is my bench and Press have not budged for about a 18 months. I've t Read More

9/30/2014  Jim Wendler

i have been talking to alot of diffrent lifters, since my shoulder,,,on the rehab path(which is all i have done for about 3 fuckin yrs now) how are you feelin,, and do you think there comes a time a Read More

9/29/2014  Matt Rhodes

quick question on some training. I see the word "top set" thrown around quite often on some training logs. if anyone can give a brief description on it would clear up some confusion but would it be th Read More

9/29/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hi JL, I'm a huge fan of the Friday Technique Videos. Was wondering if you could do one on the hang clean? Please let me know. Thanks Read More


Business Discussion

9/30/2014  Jim Wendler

Hi Jim, I could use some advice/help. I wrote a book (non-fitness related) which is currently in Word document format, and I want to turn it into an ebook product I can sell online. However I Read More

9/29/2014  JL Holdsworth

Cool, JL; and what oil do you use for your bars? do you just stand them in a corner and let oil drip down into the sleeve? (that mine are turning more slowly than in the past is my principle concern)  Read More



9/30/2014  Justin Harris

Justin, I have been watching some of your videos, and am starting to realize how important hydration is. How much water do you think is applicable around a workout period? I am currently trying to  Read More



9/30/2014  Justin Harris

Justin, what is your take on cardio for fat loss. Is HIT better or is steady state better? Also do you think doing cardio first thing in the am when fasted is best for fat loss? Read More

9/30/2014  Mark Dugdale

Hey Mark. Do you think it's possible to combine bbing and crossfit training? If so, how would you structure it? I enjoy training like a bodybuilder and I also enjoy being fit from the high intensit Read More

9/29/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I have been weight training for 5 years and I really lack the chest size and width, this area seems to be a real stubborn area!! I wanted to ask, I heard dips are one of the best exercises Read More

Hard body Henderson


9/30/2014  Justin Harris

Justin, First of all thank you for your quick and thorough response in regards to my AC joint question! I work at a major hospital (transplant, not orthopedics) and when I began digging into this  Read More

Matt M
9/30/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, Saw the RMT today. He works with my Physio (same clinic) so the two of them have been chatting all week. Symptoms is reduced to a mild discomfort in the low back. Forward flexion is normal  Read More

Peter Yuri
9/30/2014  Harry Selkow

sounds good, im going to stick the plan i sent you..dr.might let me start using a baboo bar this week..it is nine wks post rotator cuff surgery, just now getting full range motion...dr. does not want  Read More

9/30/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, Yet another Physio Update. Everything is moving forward. Some moving and poking of vertebrate. Lots of Assessements of movement. The biggest take away from today: During an assessment  Read More

Peter Yuri
9/28/2014  Ted Toalston

Hello Ted, Sorry to hear about your injury.I have red your story with the back surgery(microdiscectomy) when i had surgery myself and you were a motivation when i started lifting again. Keep us  Read More



9/30/2014  Justin Harris

Pre Workout Supplement question - I wake at 6:30am. For breakfast (pre workout meal) I drink a protein shake at 8am (50 grams of Whey, 8 oz. of skim milk, 1 TBSP of fiber, and 1 TBSP of Bulle Read More

mike v.

Products and Reviews

9/30/2014  Andy Deck

I want to buy some equipment for my garage at home so that I can train there. What is the best option for a bar, plates, and dumbbells? I would like to do this as affordable as possible. Thank you Read More

9/28/2014  Mark Watts

Good afternoon Mr. Tate I enjoy learning from you And your site everyday. I have purchased numerous things from your site. But my question is. I am trying to buy a pair of sleeves because my elbows  Read More

9/28/2014  Mark Watts

Hi Dave, recently purchased this belt from elitefts and it is an excellent product: Premium elitefts™ P2 6.5mm Single Prong Power Belt. Thanks for stocking it in your inventory. Read More



9/29/2014  Matt Rhodes

What's up EliteFTS crew?!?!? You guys are awesome. I just finished up a max effort week of triples and would love some feedback on the videos I put together. Im prepping for my first meet on November  Read More

Brent Hartley
9/29/2014  Murph

Hey, Murph, I heard you are having a meet in October. Can you provide details? I am especially interested in watching women powerlifters. Will there be many? Read More

Badass Bitch

Iron Brothers

9/29/2014  Matt Rhodes

Well now I have to test my vertical. It better be well above 25.5". I'm 6'1", 205lbs, and have a perfectly healthy non-replaced hip. No idea what my reach is. Heck I've never tested my vertical ei Read More

9/28/2014  Dave Kirschen

Dave Kirschen: I did nt expect a response to that question (RE: Shake Weight Intensity) but you went way above and beyond to survey team members for the detailed and thorough explanations. You repre Read More

Eric Meymandi

Bench Press

9/28/2014  Dave Kirschen

HEy Team, What would be a good exercise to use to help reinforce keeping the lats tight during the bench press? What would be the best way to utilize said exercise? I've noticed that I have trouble k Read More

Steve M


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