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4/24/2014  Amit Sapir

What are some good exercises to develop the deltoid /tricep/ bicep area of the upper arm? Thank you Read More

4/24/2014  Amit Sapir

Amit, Had a question for you since you have come from both a strength and a bodybuilding standpoint and were/are very successful in both. When it comes to back training the barbell row has been a s Read More


Hey Team, I wanted to use a program from the Metroflex Gym Powerlifting Basics book, but I have a question... How would one go about increasing the weight in a smart way, on a program where the weigh Read More

4/23/2014  Julia Ladewski

Hi Julia are you working with John Meadows for your hybrid powerlifting bodybuilding training routine used for your jr nationals? Read More

4/23/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, I have been following JM for quite some time and noticed you have posted the Honey Badger and Execution programs on here almost in their entirety (the heavy days atleast). What were the differen Read More

4/23/2014  Shelby Starnes

Shelby When working with a coach with dieting and training program What should be expect?what should be a must with any professional? I have never worked with someone online so don't know what Read More



4/24/2014  Jim Wendler

do not have your last book, but it seems you have a lot of info for old beet up lifters? I still use a lot of the bane workout, and I have had a lot of success with the McGill back shit , I guess my Read More

todd w
4/24/2014  Jim Wendler

Jim what are your thoughts on this kid? Kid is about 20 and as far as I know has no powerlifting background. Claims he's natural, I think more a natural liar. What do you think?? https://www.youtube Read More

4/24/2014  Bob Youngs

Hi Bob, I'm 6' 301, 35 yrs old. Currently lifting 3 days per week. Gotta get some pounds off...at least 50. What are your thoughts on cardio (walking for the most part) mixed with weights for fat loss Read More

4/24/2014  Bob Youngs

Bob, First, thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer questions. I regularly follow yours and others logs and Q&A on here, and I'm a huge fan. I thought I'd get your opinion on how Read More

4/23/2014  JL Holdsworth

JL, One of the customer service reps said this question is right up your alley. Currently my step son and I have been training. I am 39, he is 18. Just so you know, we are using the 5-3-1 meth Read More

Jeff Timmers
4/23/2014  Harry Selkow

Hi Harry, What are some "back" friendly ab (core or whatever you call it) exercises? Also how many times a week would you do the three exercises Stuart McGill prescribes? Cheers, Milos Read More



4/24/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, I'm a boxer, what's the deal with training arms as in curls and extensions or pushdowns? Will it make me slower? Thanks Read More

4/24/2014  Scott Yard

Thank you to all the EFS experts. You are a great resource. So I am an older natural lifter 55 who trains for strength and health. I compete "raw" wraps and belt 2x/ year. I train alone great EFS in Read More

4/23/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey Coach, Last assignment en route to 20 BW pull ups was 5x11 & 5x10. Ready for the next. Thanks Coach. Steve M Read More

Steve M
4/23/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, had a question for you that I have always wondered. When it comes to an intermediate lifter would you say that it would be better to stick to the same lifts for a given amount of time (lets say Read More


Sports Training

4/24/2014  The Thinker

James, As I have laid out my own training for the foreseeable future, I am planning on using a rather extensive "accumulation" phase (~20 weeks, possibly longer depending on deloads). My goals are st Read More


Iron Brothers

4/24/2014  Brian Schwab

Brian, I am sorry to hear about your dog. I know, as you do, why we love our dogs way more than we like people. Good luck to him and you. Read More

4/24/2014  Bob Youngs

What in Sam Hell is going on with the Sox? Last place ugh.... Read More

4/23/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hey JL, I sent this to Bob and got his opinion (which I appreciate very much). I was just curious what you thougth: I was dating this girl for a few months and we broke up (back in Oct.). Howev Read More

4/23/2014  Marc Bartley

Efts twitter told me you're down in SC. I'll be in Summerville next week and was wondering if your gym is open to the public. I'd like to come train there two or three days if that's at all possible.  Read More

4/23/2014  Scott Yard

Damn Scott, you just made my day with that reply. Thank you so much! Read More

4/23/2014  Scott Yard

Scott, thank you for your response. You're probably right, man up will be the best way to go about it. It is not easy for sure, especially when you're the only guy powerlifting and people have one  Read More


Bench Press

4/24/2014  Zane Geeting

Hi Zane, I actually do have a follow up question. Personally I have noticed more consistent gains from benching twice a week rather than once. Though I think it is just from the extra volume. I als Read More

4/24/2014  Zane Geeting

Hello Zane, I wanted to thank you for such an in depth answer to my question about pec friendly training. It was a lot more than I was expecting and incredibly helpful, sometimes we all need that r Read More

4/23/2014  Zane Geeting

Hi Zane, After your recent pec troubles I was wondering if you had any tips for pec friendly training. Thanks for anything you can suggest Read More


Weight Gain

4/24/2014  Shelby Starnes

Hi Shelby, would you recommend carb cycling or cycling calories in any other way during a bulking phase for someone who it at a decently low body fat (~10%) with a fairly high metabolism or would it b Read More



4/24/2014  Jeremy Frey

Hello, I suffered a grade 1 adductor/groin strain 8 weeks ago. I was deadlifting with a wider stance than normal and it popped just as the weight left the floor. I rested it for two weeks and sta Read More

Dean R
4/23/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Thanks for replying about the headaches the other day. I went back to my Doc and he said the same thing. So he treated me for the strained occipital muscles. Two shots of marcaine to the area and some Read More

4/23/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello sir, this is Jo with ac joint rehab. Glad to see your rehab went well. Everything is feeling good with me. Last two weeks was Aparts/ face: 4x15x20 Front/ lateral: 3x25x10 Ex:3x15x10 Shrug Read More


Products and Reviews

4/23/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hello, I'm looking into purchasing some bands from your store, I just don't know which ones I should grab. Any suggestions on a good starting point? I would be using them for stretches and would a Read More

4/23/2014  Dave Tate

Hey I am just wondering some technical stuff about the racks. I was just wondering the weight of the following: - 2x2 - Collegiate rack - R2 Combo 2x2 (2x2 with weight storage) - Professional 3x3 Read More


Squat - Deadlift

4/23/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello EFS! I had surgery about 4 weeks ago and haven't been able to lift. Since then, I have been going into the high school weight room and coaching the younger middle school football players with  Read More

Logan Plumley
4/23/2014  Jeremy Frey

Hi Jeremy...I was hoping to get your advice on my sumo deadlift form/technique and what ya think I should do to finish strong(er). I greatly appreciate your time and professional advice. Thank y Read More

Scott Kuderick
4/23/2014  Scott Yard

Do you think that LOL aka hip abductions have any place in strengthening the hips to keep the knees from collapsing inwards during the squat? Read More

4/23/2014  Brandon Smitley

Following up from earlier this week, my weakest lift IMO is the DL. I've had an injury to each knee in the last year and I've lost most of the power in the bottom. I played with the stance and came u Read More

Jason Detwiler
4/23/2014  Brandon Smitley

Could I please get a form check on my deadlift. This is 455 for 6 reps, and my previous 1RM was 435. http://youtu.be/0Yl2LWnlx4U Thanks! Read More


Fat Loss

4/23/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vinny, I always followed your log , now i am REALLY following it. Your be less fat plan comes at a great time for me, I am trying to do exactly whay you are. I have a similar build to yours, you are s Read More

Dave W


4/23/2014  Hannah Johnson

Dead lifts are amazing! I love to watch your perfect form! Inspiration! Read More

4/23/2014  Hannah Johnson

I read your log alot and I enjoyed your deadlift video. Just wanted to thank you for the inspirational things you post and the way you live your life. I lost my older brother to suicide when I was 13  Read More

Killswitch Fan


4/23/2014  Scott Yard

Hey guys, I've recently started getting some serious lower back pumps when squatting and deadlifting. My form is alright, and I just can't figure out why it's happening. Any tips to help stop them fro Read More

4/23/2014  Scott Yard

Hey ELITEFTS this question is probably for the Iron Brothers or Sick of your Gym section2. So i am a Powerlifter and train in a fairly good gym, or let's say, i can do all the basic stuff i need Read More



4/23/2014  Matt Rhodes

I'm 340 pounds and around 40% body fat. I have tried a lot of diets and none of that works. So I told my self that there is no quick fix and that I'm going to have to eat right and put the work in no  Read More

4/23/2014  Shelby Starnes

Shelby I am a bodybuilder with 9 years of training under my belt. I keep as lean as I can and watch my diet however I do like to eat fruit perhaps some grapes,oranges,bananas or plums.I heard frui Read More



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