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9/17/2014  Shelby Starnes

Hey Shelby, I've been reading your carb-cycling eBook and the guide to vlcd eBook and I really have enjoyed reading them especially because of the clarity with which everything is explained. I've got  Read More

9/17/2014  Murph

Hi Murph, A while ago you advised me to use animal sources for protein and I obliged. I'm now seeing a soft-tissue and holistic practitioner who is very highly regarded by lifters and he thinks dai Read More

9/17/2014  Shelby Starnes

Hi Shelby, I bought your low carb book and love it. Hopefully this isn't 'bro science' but I feel i am very carb sensitive. I bloat within carb intake and retain weight easy (even with good fluid c Read More

9/16/2014  Shane Church

Hi Shane, thks for your quick return. My diet- roughly - goes as follows: Breakfast (just after getting up - 8h): 800 kcals Lunch (noon): 800 kcals Preworkout (17h): 400 kcals Dinner (20h): 1 Read More

Caio Caridade


9/17/2014  Brian Schwab

Hi Brian, my gym does not have a decline bench. What substitution can be made for this on the minimalist method? Thank you! Andy Read More

9/17/2014  Brian Schwab

just read one of your articles, where you train basically 6 days per week,,,,can you train 3-4 days a week with the minimal method,,,have not bought the book yet...thanks Read More

9/16/2014  Brian Schwab

how do you feel feel, your new e-book will apply to old,beat down lifters, that just want to stay healthy, but strong....jo has spoke realy highly of your book....are you going to be avalible for ques Read More

9/15/2014  Brian Schwab

Hi Brian, I have a follow up question regarding testing maxes in week 13 if I don't plan to compete. Would you do any accessory work for the week? How would you program the % working up to your proje Read More

9/15/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, asked this question while back and cant find the answer so ill try again shorten version, i was D1 athlete(bball) 10 yrs ago i started powerlifting since but stopped conditioning i am no longer Read More

9/15/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I read charles stuff all the time and I know he did the article a while back but he re posted it last week German composition training GCT have you ever done it?6-12-25 some call it Loo Read More


Bench Press

9/17/2014  Harry Selkow

Tore my pec (complete tendon with surgery that went perfect) 20 weeks ago. Doing the rehab portion, due to circumstances beyond my controll I had to stop going to rehab at week 10. So I have continued Read More

Logan cody
9/17/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey Brandon, your advice seemed to get me out of my recent squating slump, so I figured I'd ask for a little technical advice for my bench. Just like my squat, every little bit of advice is taken seri Read More

mike hill

Squat - Deadlift

9/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Matt, how should I squat? 33, 5'7, 205, 500, 405, 525, not competing anymore, training to keep advancing strength, athletic performance, and looking better. I've developed cartilage damage in bo Read More

Jason Detwiler
9/14/2014  Dave Kirschen

Hi, I'm prepping for a meet in November and was hoping that someone could give me a critique on my deadlift. I'm including two links. One was pulling 230 and the other 260. My best competition lift Read More

Courtenay Khoury

Sports Training

9/17/2014  The Thinker

James, I have a pretty simple question to ask. I have just started working at a very well known place internationally and the first thing I was told at this facility was that my squat form was inco Read More

9/17/2014  The Thinker

Thinker, is your special operations manual geared more for those preparing to go into a training course or more for those already on the teams? Thanks Read More

9/16/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello Mr. Rhodes, I'm an 18 year old athlete (basketball is my primary sport). Can you give me some advice on how to increase my vertical. I have been deadlifting and squatting hard, but I'm not s Read More

9/14/2014  The Thinker

In following your work for some time now, I've pretty much made the transition to the "Thinker Way" of physical preparation. In doing so, the one area I feel I've regressed on is that of reaction tim Read More

Jeff Wettschurack
9/14/2014  The Thinker

Hi James, I have a question about proprioception and ways to regain it. I had acl surgery 4 months ago using my semitendinosus and gracilis as my graft. My PT now only happens once every 3 to 4 week Read More


Iron Brothers

9/17/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

hey here is a relatively new band that a guy at my gym got me into. its a faster metal band but still pretty good to train to, at least I think. http://youtu.be/dCESufY8hMc (beartooth) christopher Read More

christopher staats
9/17/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Check out Royal Blood.They are awesome! Best new heavy rock band I've heard in years. Black Sabbath meet White Stripes. Jimmy Page digs em..You ok..:-0 Read More

sam bergstein
9/16/2014  Matt Rhodes

I love the football lifts that you post. I don't coach anymore but I find them interesting. Thanks for posting them. Read More



9/16/2014  Shane Church

Hi, I'm 31 years old and I have been training for about 5 years now. I'm experiencing pain in the forearms that radiates to the bicep and a little bit in my fingers. My top forearm is extremely tigh Read More

David shamah
9/16/2014  Shane Church

I am one of those guys that feels the need to beat myself into the ground when i train (like Dave Tate on leg days, maybe not quite that insane though). I realize this isn't alway conducive to progr Read More

9/16/2014  Brian Schwab

Brian: I had a question about training injuries if you don’t mind have you ever had a bicep tendon injury that hurts your front delt area during overhead, bench and incline barbell presses? i don Read More

viren desai
9/16/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry: I had a question about training injuries if you don’t mind have you ever had a bicep tendon injury that hurts your front delt area during overhead, bench and incline barbell presses? i don Read More

Viren Desai
9/16/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, thanks for the reply. Don't have any shots from an angle that will show that but I will get one next squat session. On an average day I spend 2.5 hours at most sitting per day. Read More

9/16/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Since I started to do more volume of squats with a straight bar and Safety squat bar I have had a feeling of a lump in my throat. Could this be a pinched nerve in the neck or something similar? Read More



9/16/2014  Shane Church

Great. I will spread a bit my calories just like suggested and observe! Thank you once again and keep up the good work! cheers Read More

Caio Caridade


9/16/2014  Amy Wattles

This question is for the ladies. I am a female lifter and lately on my deadlifts and squats, I have been feeling like I have to pee and on some heavy lifts I actually do a little. It's only on heavy l Read More

9/16/2014  Harry Selkow

wow, i have went through lot of your workouts, your volume is realy high compared to what i have allways done  Read More

old rehab guy
9/16/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, I need some assistance with my sit-ups. Each year I get owned by these on my PT test. No matter what type of training I do leading up to the PT test this is always a difficult event for me. Read More

9/16/2014  Matt Rhodes

I am looking for some expert opinions on shoes for powerlifting. I have tried the classic Chucks but did not like them. I had a pair of Crain's shoes for squats and a pair of Otomax for deadlifts I us Read More

Nick Hammer
9/16/2014  Harry Selkow

harry, talked to you the other night, and you said you wanted to discuss my rehab and training so people could learn a few things...sounds good,, my first question is what does your basic outline look Read More

old rehab guy
9/15/2014  Jim Wendler

Hey Jim, I've bee doing versions of 5/3/1 for over a year now (without OHP though, AC injury). The program always works well for my squat and dead, but whatever upper body press movement i use (usuall Read More


Novice Powerlifting

9/16/2014  Andy Deck

Just a general newbie question. I currently weight between 210-220, was thinking of competing at the 198 class. Would i have to be BELOW 198 to be in that class? If I'm not below 198, would that mean  Read More

Ian S.

Products and Reviews

9/16/2014  Brian Schwab

Hey brian I am trying to buy your ebook 12 weeks to a bigger bench and for some reason it keeps saying declined,I'm living in Ireland so does that have anything to do with it,thanks Read More

david o'sullivan
9/15/2014  Murph

Murph, I read in another question here that you have the B3 Bench Rack. I'm thinking about getting one in a few months, but it looks like the front cross piece might get in the way when I get a big a Read More

Cody Mullins

Weight Gain

9/15/2014  Shane Church

Gentlemen, good day. I have been consuming 3,2k kcal/day what has been putting 0,5-1kg / month on my weight. As I have a 9-17h job, I train in the evenings (getting home by 20:30h). Therefore, lot Read More

Caio Caridade


9/14/2014  Dave Kirschen

Has anyone tried Shakeology? My wife picked it up as part of a workout program from beachbody. It is $130 for 30 servings!!! Could it possibly be worth it? thanks Read More

mike v.


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