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7/28/2014  Mark Watts

Mr. Watts I've been trying to increase my power clean but seem to have hit a wall. I would like to know what would be the best exercise's to increase this lift. Current max 190x1 goal is to hit 205 b Read More

7/26/2014  Harry Selkow

Im 51 yrs old .I have two questions. First is I have extra weight around my midsection. Whats the best way to work my abs.second is what is the best exercise to increase testosterone naturally Read More

7/26/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey Harry, I 'm hoping you can give me some advice on what kind of a work out you would recommend for taking a pause in competition. I have been doing three or four events a year now for 8 years and w Read More



7/28/2014  Mark Watts

Mark, I have to say - THANK YOU. Thank you for doing this interview with James Clear! (here: http://asp.elitefts.net/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=210592&tid=219) I had noticed you referencing him Read More

Michael Tanner
7/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I have your book built to a hilt and all the others too but something interested me in your book called PHA training by my fav powerlifter Fred hatfield. I am a bodybuilder but like the id Read More

Johnny Myers
7/26/2014  Dave Kirschen

Are you still sending out the weekly newsletter? I used to get it every week, then seemed like every other week. Now, not at all. If you are still sending it how do I sign up again? Thanks Read More

7/26/2014  Dave Kirschen

I'm trying to further my knowledge so I have been reading books and what not but I feel like for how much I read I'm retaining very little information and a lot of the time I don't sound scientific or Read More


Iron Brothers

7/28/2014  Scott Yard

Hey Scott, awesome lifting. Great job on the squat and bench pr's. Read More

Vincent Dizenzo
7/28/2014  Shane Church

Dave, Just wanted to let you know I have a friend who has decided to start training with me for a meet that has never lifted, much less lifted with a purpose. We're training for a state meet (master's Read More

Chuck H.
7/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

hi Matt, I've enjoyed following your log for years. I really like the style of training you've developed lately. Can you please go into more detail as to what it was about powerlifting and that  Read More

7/27/2014  Jo Jordan

I agree, get the main work done, then rely on the accessory work, prehab rehab type,, for the muscle building, and conditioning...I love the conjugate method(without the true maxing every week, and a  Read More

todd w
7/27/2014  Jo Jordan

thanks for the response, I have been keeping up with your post, and im seeing this is going to be a long road. I am lucky to have a great surgeon in the south...he has advised me not to do any heavy Read More

todd w
7/25/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vinnie, I just read your recap of the 900. Congratulations!!! Darn fine job sir and i know it feels great to reach such a dream no matter what that dream is. Good luck with the weight drop and you're  Read More

Jeff D


7/28/2014  Shane Church

Hello again I hope you ok guys? I really need some help regarding my training? I train Muay Thai/ mma at least 3 -4 times a week . Which Is very demanding in my body and hard to recover from. M Read More

7/28/2014  Harry Selkow

Good afternoon…I am a teacher and coach at a relatively small Iowa high school. I am looking for help in improving our overall school strength training program. We have great facilities, but a hit-a Read More

Eric Dralle
7/28/2014  Harry Selkow

Good afternoon…I am a teacher and coach at a relatively small Iowa high school. I am looking for help in improving our overall school strength training program. We have great facilities, but a hit-a Read More

Eric Dralle
7/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, re:jailhouse strength and upper body training. Push ups, dips, lat raises, upright rows are out. I will work rehab and it will be pretty low level to begin with for the shoulders. I think wh Read More

Andy C
7/27/2014  Chase Karnes

Hi Chase, had a quick question for you on dynamic training. Right now I run 5/3/1 (well technically Beyond 5/3/1) and am thinking about incorporating dynamic work since I feel really slow out of the h Read More

7/26/2014  Harry Selkow

Sir, 2x2x75,2x2x70,2x3x65,2x5x60 was accomplished this morning. I am not going to lie, I did it, but it was every bit of all I had. It took me the whole hour and a half I was there. I have put on  Read More


Fat Loss

7/28/2014  Shane Church

question about fat loss Ive often heard coaches & nutritionists talk about a common mistakes people make is eating too little and not realizing their bodies adapt, so fat loss is mitigated. Howeve Read More

7/27/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

hey this is todd, having to typye with one hand...just had l. shoulder put back together, I am also unable to train, not sure when I will be able to do anything(also hve the same isues with back as b Read More

todd w
7/25/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vinny, been a long time follower of your log. Congrats on the 900 and on your new goal of 242. Hope all works out for you. Reading your log has kinda helped me decide to cut down too, and I figure Read More



7/28/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark I train for muscle and to keep myself from being fat which i do with diet.I have trained for 8 years as a powerlifter but now I am focused on looking better I love to superset because it  Read More

7/28/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, I have seen may bodybuilders both past and preset do sissy squats but I have never done them myself so wanted to give them a try. I was wondering if you have a decent video of this exerci Read More

7/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh The idea of mechanical advantage sets is fantastic I do love them I can get lots more time under tensions. Question, I was doin some lying hack squats on a machine after my squats etc and  Read More

Rocky la titre
7/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I am trying to cut some fat and drop bodyweight, I was thinking that having reps in the 10-20 rep ranges might be best for this as it burns more calories what do you think? Also I know you Read More

7/25/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I have been building my power and bulk for many years, i am not fat around 12% body fat and have maintained that for 5 years or so.I train four days per week at the moment I wanted to ask Read More

7/25/2014  Mark Dugdale

Hey Mark. You seemed to be a big fan of blood flow restriction training during the Honey Badger program if I remember correctly. Why has it not been in John's recent programs? Did you both conclude th Read More



7/28/2014  Mark Dugdale

Hello Mark How is your shake intra workout in off season??how much protein and carbs per kilo?how much water?? thanks Read More



7/28/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Had a question about a past injury I had which was a meniscus tear. I had surgery which was a partial meniscus removal of the the lateral meniscus. Surgeon said a very small piece was removed. But  Read More

Bill Bowen
7/27/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Hello I had a mild hamstring strain a week ago and was wondering if there was anything I could do to accelerate the healing process. I strained it doing walking lunges. I was in my overreaching week w Read More

7/27/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Thanks Tom, One follow up question. What about squats? Do you think I'd be better off doing SSB squats instead of using a straight bar? Read More

7/26/2014  Jo Jordan

what are the chances of coming back to benching heavy after infraspinatus and supraspinatus complete thickness tears? Read More

todd w
7/26/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey. I have recently had a rather annoying pain in my upper back right underneath the shoulder blade that only seems to bother me on days that i don't lift. The two major things I have changed in my p Read More

Micah Waters
7/26/2014  Harry Selkow

How long would you give elbow lateral tendonosis and is there any excercises for the upper body that I could do in the mean time? My doc told me to avoid all weights other than physio for about 6 mont Read More

Ray Christie


7/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

Matt, Since you have taken over whats your general layout for your Football program? What days do you lift and how are you programming your speed/agility/conditioning in preparation for the season.  Read More



7/27/2014  Brandon Smitley

So I could use some help with overcoming a mental barrier. Currently I'm pressing 255 for reps on BB bench, and I feel I'm ready to move up to 275. However, the only time Ive ever pressed 275 was i Read More


Weight Gain

7/27/2014  Harry Selkow

I have issues gaining weight. I'm 16 years old. 6'1'' and 165 ibs. I recently started working out 5 months ago and over that time period I put on 10 pounds. It seems like no matter what I do, gaining  Read More

Michael P.


7/26/2014  Dave Kirschen

I know it's mostly water but on the first week of the Anabolic Diet, are losses of 6 - 8 pounds anything out of the ordinary, particularly with someone north of 20% BF? Read More

7/25/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vincent, first, congrats on the bench. Awesome achievement! I know you are doing Carb Nite and I wanted to find out why the preference for Carb Nite over Carb Back Loading. I’ve been reading up Read More


Bench Press

7/26/2014  Brandon Smitley

I dont have any shoulder issues right now but I see a lot of elitefts folks incorporating rear delt raises, pullaparts and facepulls as part of balancing out the shoulder and avoiding imbalances down  Read More

Ed Mccullough

Squat - Deadlift

7/26/2014  Casey Williams

Hey Casey, been using that hip flexor stretch you posed about a while ago and its helped a lot but on some days i still feel it a little. Idk if that happens to you or not. But my question is how wide Read More

Ian Swift
7/25/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, I thought I'd throw this question your way. I've started to feel really awkward with my conventional deadlift and I think it's just time to switch to sumo as it might be better for my levera Read More

7/25/2014  Mark Dugdale

Lately after/during a set of squat I feel a strong strech in my hamstrings and glutes. (I feel like I did a long static strech). Usually after rest it didnt bother me (more or less) but today workout Read More


Products and Reviews

7/26/2014  Brandon Smitley

I use a double looped mini band for hip flexor work, wanting to try the short bands, which one should I use, also which one will work for band walking around ankle front side and backwards Read More

todd w


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