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Iron Brothers

9/22/2014  Bob Youngs

Bob, I feel ya in regards to the parents lol. As you know I've been coaching soccer a long time. Some of these parents are such idiots. On my u14/16 "rec" team I got an email from a parent telling me  Read More



9/22/2014  Matt Rhodes

Matt i have a small garage gym it consists of an elitefts rack texas power bar, swiss bar ss yoke bar,i am looking into buying additional equipment, is a reverse hyper worth the money and amount of sp Read More

9/22/2014  JL Holdsworth

JL, for your meet prep are u just training ur bench once a week. I know time is limited for u right now and if time was the limiting factor for bench training once a week. If time wasn't a factor. Wha Read More

9/22/2014  Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn, I am currently following 5/3/1 with very to little cardiorespiratory training on top of my 4-day split strength training. I am entering the Biomedical Corps in the Air Force and need to pas Read More

9/20/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey folks, quick anatomical question. If someone has a hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine, it's usually cause by tight erector and hip flexors, while the abs and glutes are too weak. What i do Read More

9/19/2014  Chase Karnes

Chase, got a question about your training routine. I know your a strongman but you have the physique of a bodybuilder. If you were training primarily for hypertrophy would you stick with your upper bo Read More

9/19/2014  Chase Karnes

Hey Chase, thank for the answer on the pullups hurting my elbow. And yes, chins hurt my elbows too. I work out in my garage so I dont have access to a pulldown machine. In the meantime I was thinking  Read More


Squat - Deadlift

9/22/2014  Matt Rhodes

I have pulled 585 twice for a single in the past month. both conventionally. I get to to my knees and my legs start to shake. I pull through it and lock it out. what are some good exercises to bring t Read More

Jared Droste
9/21/2014  Casey Williams

Hey Does the sumo dead lift activate the glutes mor than conventional? If so could I do sumo stance block pulls for glue accesory work? If not what would you suggest instead, training for power and s Read More

9/21/2014  Brandon Smitley

I have been deadlifting with a conventional stance for almost a year. Before than I would always alternate stances from set to set. I made the change to strictly conventional because I started traini Read More

Jared Droste
9/20/2014  Dave Kirschen

I saw a video of a guy squatting from (forest of wolves gym) and he had a strange technique when he would squat. During the accent of the squat he would drive his knees forward when he hit his stickin Read More

9/20/2014  Dave Kirschen

Hi, Can I get a form check on this deadlift: This is the second work set of 410 x 3 x 5. Thanks! Jon Read More

9/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello, Could you please tell me what you think about my squat and deadlift technique. This is the squat - 165kg for a triple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Xs74A87jk and the deadlift Read More



9/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Six weeks ago I had back surgery fusing L4-L5 & L5-S1. I have one screw holing in each bone implant and two rods in the back with five screws holding the rods on. I would like to return to powerliftin Read More

9/21/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Thanks for you reply re:IT band Thomas. Are there any specific stretched you'd recommend? I'm assuming I can do these daily? Thanks, Milos Read More

9/20/2014  Brandon Smitley

Have a squat/deadlft question. I am 6'4 310 lbs 34 years old and have been lifting for a couple of years now.I have an office job where I sit sometimes for extended periods. I have a catch in the area Read More


Business Discussion

9/22/2014  JL Holdsworth

Hi JL, I wanted to ask you since you're a gym owner: what's your protocol for bar maintenance/care? How often do you clean/oil your bars, etc.: that sort of thing? Thanks, Richie Read More


Bench Press

9/22/2014  Marshall Johnson

Hey Marshall, how would you implement the earthquake bar in training? Could you do speed work with it, or would it be better for repitition work?Thinking about making one. Thanks! Read More

9/20/2014  Brian Schwab

Hi Brian, I am a raw lifter and was looking for some bench press advice. I am having some issues getting the bar off of my chest and was looking for some exercises to help this weak area. Looking forw Read More

9/19/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, what percentages of my bench max should I use when programing a bench cycle ? Read More

Matt Bouvier
9/19/2014  Josh Bryant

Does Jeremy H bench with the grip he uses in comp all the time and does he do this to save his shoulders or because he is stronger with it? Read More

Bill Lawlor
9/18/2014  Brandon Smitley

I'd like to start off saying that ...... I really look forward to the wealth of knowledge on this site each and every day. the information iv'e obtained on EliteFTS is priceless. I wanted to Thank eve Read More



9/22/2014  JL Holdsworth

Nice to see your still at it. You mightnt me but I was here the time yourself and jimmy W had an online (well I think it was online) love affair. I have a q about westside for you. You stated wests Read More

Bill Lawlor
9/22/2014  Josh Bryant

hey josh i wanted to run the sample powerbuilding cycle in built to the hilt for a few weeks... when the rep scheme looks like this... deadlift- 4,6,6,6 does that mean that the first set is heavies Read More

9/22/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, i follow you on Youtube and it seems like for many of your athletes you incorporate CAT Training. Do you have a source where i can learn more about it, how to implement it etc.? Would b Read More

9/22/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, If i was training for raw powerlifting but didnt have a meet planned as yet would i be best to just perform more volume with reps of 4-8 and then perform max effort work (1-3) once i sign up for Read More

9/20/2014  Brian Schwab

Thank you again for the excellent M2 book. My question. I am 6 " tall. 4 inch DL puts the bar at mid shin ,2" above the ankle. I pull conventional. 5 1/2 inch is below the knnat my tibial tubercle.  Read More

9/20/2014  Brian Schwab

I am really enjoying your M2 e- book. Thanks for all the questions answered so far. I am slightly older 55 and train and compete raw. I find a light or deload every 4th week really works well fo Read More


Sports Training

9/22/2014  Matt Rhodes

I am a volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach at a local high school. The school recently invested in a lot of bands. I have been looking at bringing in the use of bands or chains but only have b Read More

9/20/2014  Mark Watts

Youth sports question. In your opinion is it wrong or right to try and instill effort in young athletes? How would you go about getting kids to try their best regardless of skill level? If you cold  Read More

9/18/2014  The Thinker

Sir, I would first like to thank you, as I see the outrageous volume of questions your answer each week for free sharing great volumes of knowledge. I reach out to you to inquire the best way to m Read More


Fat Loss

9/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vin. I still have problems counting calories'. Or It may be just that I don't want to. Isn't there an easy way to put a menu together that makes sense. My issue is not what I'm eating it the amount. Read More

Ridolfi. Dave.
9/21/2014  Shelby Starnes

Thank you for the quick response Shelby. In response to your question about stats/goal/diet, I'm 23 270 at about 23% bf. I'm trying to my diet in check so I can lean out after my next meet. Based off  Read More

9/21/2014  Shelby Starnes

Hey Shelby. I know you're very well known for helping competitors get into contest ready condition. But my girlfriend would love to lose weight...she doesn't have an interest in lifting weights but  Read More



9/21/2014  Hannah Johnson

Hey Hannah, I'm looking at some of the weight you are putting up in the "big 3" and I have been thinking that you definitely have to be breaking or near breaking some records in total numbers. Mayb Read More

Hester Freeman


9/20/2014  Dave Kirschen

Hey there, i just turned 18, and i wanted to know if i could take a testosterone booster. I am the gym for 1 year already, but even though my diet is good and i took some gainers/protein, creatine, i  Read More

9/18/2014  Matt Rhodes

some one please educate me on the difference and why i should care? I copy and pasted the types of whey from my favorite brands - Champion Nutrition Whey, Optimum Nutrition Whey, and Dymatize Whey.  Read More

mike v.


9/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, checking in. Pain free but still in discomfort. (Pain alters movement. Discomfort means something is not "right") I saw my physio today. The look of concern in her eyes spoke volumes. She only  Read More

Peter Yuri
9/20/2014  Harry Selkow

I am 60 years old and started competeting a year ago and had not done much deadlift before. I tried sumo and just before a meet I felt I could do more traditional so I used that stance. The problem  Read More

D W Dallas


9/19/2014  Chase Karnes

Hi Chase Just wanted to thank you for outlining the police running/BW program. Thanks again. Read More

Ewing C


9/19/2014  Julia Ladewski

Julia, I am a 5'6, 113 lb- 22 year old grad student at the University of Tampa. I had a question about carb timing to maximize body comp, lean gains, and overall health and insulin sensitivity.  Read More

Jeremy Partl


9/18/2014  Mark Watts

Mark, Excellent article on your training log on football stats. Written by a true dc. For years we put a low footed sure handed wr deep on punt. We would try to block every punt and tell him to j Read More

Mike pinchotti


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