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1/25/2015  Hannah Johnson

Hey Hannah, You seem to know your stuff when it comes to cooking deliciousness, so I was wondering if you had any ideas for a low-sodium crock pot chicken recipe? Thanks! Read More

Andy M
1/25/2015  Amy Wattles

What are the general rules of cheat meals? As i understand it, you need to have enough time on calorie depletion so that only your glycogen stores are filled and there is no over flow, meaning; once a Read More

1/23/2015  Matt Rhodes

Hey Matt, What are my chances of getting "jacked" if I drink beer 5-6 times a week? I'm not getting hammered but I probably average 4-6 drinks on these days. Let's face it...a man ain't really a ma Read More

Gary Mingee
1/22/2015  Justin Harris

Justin, i've read several times now, that "metabolsim slowdown/change" does not really contribute to people not being able to lose more weight at a certain point in their diets/fat loss phases.  Read More



1/25/2015  Hannah Johnson

You're awesome.... That is all! Read More

1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hello, EFS! I want to ask about a possible article for the future. Think anyone on the team would be interested in educating all of us trainees out there on the effects hard training can have on testo Read More

1/21/2015  Murph

Appreciate the info you guys put out there. I know EliteFTS is one of those companies always looking to improve, here's a request/suggestion: Have you guys considered an RSS feed for the Q&A? I get Read More

1/20/2015  Brandon Smitley

Just wanted to let you guys know that when viewing articles on a phone or other smaller device, you can't see the name of the author anywhere. Keep up the great work otherwise! Read More


Squat - Deadlift

1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hi guys just did this deadlift couple days ago it's 200kg 440lb I've missed the lock out and I think my butt came up too high to early I was wondering if you could give me a couple of tips on what to Read More

1/23/2015  Shane Church

Thank you. Sticking point off the floor Read More

1/23/2015  Brian Schwab

M2 going great. What height do you set the bands at for reverse band DL? On the inside of plates or after the all the plates are on? Going to be in a power rack is the band even with shouldres or s Read More

1/21/2015  Matt Rhodes

In a recent answer to someone, you said that you would personally not use a front squat for heavy work. Can you go into more details on that? Thanks! Read More



1/25/2015  JL Holdsworth

JL, I'm a wrestler, and am just starting BJJ. What would you focus on in grip work? I've got to be able to grip the cloth of a gi, but also able to grip arms, etc. for no-gi. Most matches are at leas Read More

1/24/2015  JL Holdsworth

Hi Mr Holdsworth It's Bob Ungurean from Facebook. Thanks for getting back to me. Now I want to add that I do have a mild herniated disc on left side of neck. So I stopped doing harness and plate wo Read More

Robert Ungurean
1/24/2015  Brian Schwab

Hey Brian, What do you think of Chris Duffin giving the ab wheel and "elbow-on-stability ball" (for lack of name) as his two big exercises for the "core"? I also watched your video of using the ban Read More

Popeye Desner
1/23/2015  Scott Yard

How should I distribute the assistance/repetition work on the basic 4x/week conjugate scheme for someone that is not new to powerlifting, but is new to conjugate training (specifically raw conjugate t Read More

1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

Harry, I was reading through some old questions, and saw that you used to do tri-athalons! Was that at a time while you were strength training, or before you started powerlifting using the conjugat Read More

1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

Harry, how you doing? This Jo sorry for the late update here is my week 8 Day 1: DE bench 8x2x135 (60%) Day 2: ME box squat 2" above parallel 3rpm 415 Day 3: ME close grip bench 3rpm 230 Day 4 Read More



1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hey, my question is: how come that lower bodyweight athletes can "easier" achieve high relative totals? There are several guys for example deadlifting 4x bodyweight, but you don't see many heav Read More

1/21/2015  Mark Watts

What would be your advice to a raw, drug-free lifter who follows a west-side style conjugate program who is starting to stall out on most of his weights (especially bench)? ht. 5'9" wt. 193lbs bf % Read More


Iron Brothers

1/25/2015  Mark Watts

Good Morning Mark, This is Joe from IUP. I hope you and yours are doing well! I've been receiving and reading James Clear's emails since you mentioned him in your log several months ago. Did you Read More

Joe T
1/24/2015  Harry Selkow

Pt means patient, PT means Physical Therapist. I have had many patients try to kill me after performing a intervention like that. Read More

1/23/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hi. My friend and I are essentially brand new to working out. Both of us are out of shape. I am over weight and he is underweight. I dont know if this is the proper forum for such beginners but we  Read More

David Watson
1/22/2015  Bob Youngs

Bob, what do you think about Deflategate? Lmao.... Read More

1/20/2015  Harry Selkow

"Everyone is a critic, yet no one is being an educator. Everyone has something to say, but what they say drags people down rather than builds them up. Media loves drama. People love the drama. As f Read More


Fat Loss

1/25/2015  Shelby Starnes

Shelby I love fruit and I train to add muscle and lose fat however at the moment the focus is more fat loss. When is the best time I can eat fruit but make sure I am still burning fat? I would Read More

1/22/2015  Josh Bryant

I have dieted before but I did not make it very long because my mother is an amazing cook and I am not very strong willed when it comes to sweets. I don't plan on doing that this time. I am ready to d Read More



1/25/2015  Amy Wattles

Does beef protein powder have any advantage over other protein powders such as strength etc... Read More

1/22/2015  Matt Rhodes

can one ever take this? http://www.muscletech.com/products/performance-series/clear-muscle/  Read More

mike v.
1/22/2015  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, I'm currently using this carb formula (http://www.bluebonnetnutrition.com/product/342/Extreme_Edge%AE_Carbo_Load_Formula ) along with BCAAs and creatine for an intra workout. What Read More



1/24/2015  Matt Rhodes

My left sternoclavicular joint is dislocated/subluxed according to my sports med doc. Any tips for aiding recovery and training around the injury? Read More

1/22/2015  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, Heard some author interview on NPR the other day of an Israli soldier who got burns on 70% of his body after an accident with white phosphorus flares. He talked very briefly about his 1 Read More

1/22/2015  Harry Selkow

I am 28 and train 4 days a week with a body part split hitting each body part once a week. I also play basketball 2-3 times per work. The last few weeks I have experienced minor symptoms of patellar t Read More

1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

Hey Harry, Not a question per say but this is for joe aka bubba gump. 5 years ago I had my heel put back together with a titanium plate and a bakers dozen or so of screws all of which I still posses Read More

adam harman
1/21/2015  Matt Rhodes

Matt, Happy New Year! Your Posts in December made me laugh and yes I enjoyed myself with food and booze. I emailed you previously about my hip. I saw my Dr and have a few updates. I have entered Read More

Peter Yuri
1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

I rang in the new year off the right foot instead of on it. This is because I broke my right tibia and fibula while ice skating with my family. Of all the ways to end up under the knife in surgery thi Read More

Joe aka Bubba Gump


1/24/2015  Brian Schwab

Hi Brian, I purchased the Minimalist Method program a while back, but haven't begun using it yet, because I wanted to finish a 5/3/1 cycle. I've been training and competing raw for the last 18 months Read More

Joe Gonzalez
1/22/2015  Josh Bryant

Hey josh, how would you lay out the programs from your books for a years worth of training to be bigger stronger and leaner for the next year. Big fan, I have all of your books just trying to figure o Read More

1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

Hi, Just curious what the best way to set up a 5/3/1 week when I am not squatting or deadlifting. Due to a knee injury I can't do either at the moment. I can do stiff legged deads with no problem t Read More


Bench Press

1/23/2015  Brandon Smitley

I have noticed that most of the when you guys/gals bench, that there is enough arch in your back that, when you touch your chest with the bar your upper arms don't go much past parallel to the floor.  Read More

Aaron Gamache
1/21/2015  Harry Selkow

Thanks for the good info. Here are my answers to the questions you asked. 1. How old are you? -I am 23. How old are you in training years? -I have been training for powerlifting for roughly 4 y Read More

Josh Thomas

Products and Reviews

1/23/2015  Mark Watts

Just curious on the return policy. Want to purchase knee-sleeves, just want to ensure I'll be able to exchange for a different size if need be! Thank you for your time! Read More

Stephen Gaetano


1/23/2015  Matt Rhodes

Coach, Would you have any suggestions on the conditioning of a football team that will be utilizing a high tempo, no huddle offense. We generally have 35-40 players on a roster with 15 players gettin Read More

Jared Brown
1/22/2015  Matt Rhodes

Matt, As a football coach who's worked with tons of athletes, I figured you'd be the best guy to ask. My training partners and myself often say that we think linebackers are the most impressive at Read More


Novice Powerlifting

1/22/2015  Scott Yard

My wife is training for her first PL competition and is going to compete raw. I have competed in equipped comps only and am familiar with peaking with circa max phases and what not for suits and shirt Read More


Sports Training

1/22/2015  The Thinker

Hey James. I hope all is well. I recently finished reading Triphasic training authored by Cal Dietz. Book was different I must admit. But I do question what Cal Dietz wrote in regards to training one  Read More


Powerlifting Gear

1/22/2015  Jo Jordan

I have never used knee wraps before, I have used the EliteFTS heavy knee sleeve a couple times. I want to start using wraps as they are allowed in the raw division for a upcoming meet. what knee wrap  Read More

Jared Droste


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