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10/31/2014  Chase Karnes

hi chase, first off, thank you for all the free advice you guys provide on this site. i am planning on entering my first strongman show in about 15 weeks. i am planning on setting up my program  Read More


Fat Loss

10/31/2014  Chase Karnes

If someone doesn't lift weights and just does cardio, will having a diet high in protein make them gain weight? If they would like to lose weight, should they still follow macros and have many small m Read More



10/31/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, (You asked if extra weight on my body would hurt my spine) My doctor said that if I were overweight as far as body fat that that would be detrimental to my spine. But as far as gaining mu Read More

Dylan SpineGuy
10/31/2014  Bob Youngs

Thanks a lot for the advice Bob. I'm definitely going to look into that book. I have one more question if you have time, any recommendations for what my dynamic warm up should include? I'm fairly limi Read More

10/30/2014  Bob Youngs

Hi Bob, I have a tweaked back too and just would like to know what you have done that works to alleviate some of your back pain. I have been to a chiropractor & physiotherapist with no success..it is  Read More

10/29/2014  Shane Church

Shane, thank you so much! So basically, since you train your internal rotators in your shoulder so much via any Pressing movement, no extra internal rotation training is needed, correct? Hip  Read More



10/31/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, Men's Fitness published an article of yours that was a "Crossfit inspired workout", intended to better serve physique and strength goals. If I remember correctly it was an Upper/Lower/Upper wi Read More

10/31/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello Harry, I have had postural issues for some time. Often, especially when I'm tired, I have a tendency to lean forward and my shoulders get pulled even further forward. I can't tell if I have k Read More

10/28/2014  Brandon Smitley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqeC4zOJSVw&feature=youtu.be if you look you can see my upper back curve as i'm standing, that's core right? Let me now what you think, this was after a few sets and Read More


Bench Press

10/31/2014  Bob Youngs

Bob, hope all is going well. Sounds like you have a good group of boys on your basketball team. My son starts this year. He plays spring and fall baseball, but this is our first basketball season. My Read More

10/29/2014  Casey Williams

Hey Casey Before you bench you do some work with dumbbells, pulldowns and I believe pushdowns. I think I read that Matt Wenning advised you to do this before benching. Can you elaborate on it?  Read More

10/29/2014  Murph

Band tension. Just wanted to share some info on the bands I just bought, they are the Pro Light bands. ( http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=495&pid=247 ) I used them benchin Read More

Rocky Balboa
10/28/2014  Scott Yard

Is there any good reason that someone should bench press with their legs in the air? I see it so often but I can't think of any reason why I would have someone perform this exercise. Educate me. Thank Read More



10/31/2014  Justin Harris

Do you know of any protein meals that taste good cold? carbs are no problem, but meats seem to be tough and bland after being in the fridge, any help would be much appreciated im struggling to create Read More

10/30/2014  Chase Karnes

Hey Chase, I have a question regarding nutrition. I am a 200 lb lifter and would like to, at minimum, keep my weight at 200, if not increase it to 210 - 220. My current plan looks like this: Breakf Read More

10/30/2014  Bob Youngs

So, I'm 6', 295... at least 30% bf. I've been on a bit of a break from training while coaching my daughter's soccer team, whose season ends next week. Starting in November, I should be able to tr Read More

10/28/2014  Chase Karnes

Hey Chase! I saw in a question that you answered a few days ago about fasting where you said you've had good success with it. You said you fasted from 9pm to 10am. I was wondering how your training Read More


Products and Reviews

10/31/2014  Brian Schwab

I finally found a used glute ham raise and bought it this week (it's Brian's home model). Got it adjusted, and started using it last night, and so far think it's going to be extremely helpful. Any Read More

10/31/2014  Jo Jordan

Does your 6.5mm power belt have the EliteFTS logo pressed into back or is it plain leather? Read More

10/29/2014  Mark Dugdale

I dont want to sound cheap, but i really am. Anything cheaper than GASP?  Read More

mike v.


10/31/2014  Shelby Starnes

Shelby, As a competitive powerlifter entering my 40's and accumulating injuries I have decided to hang up my singlet and focus on longevity and physique development. I am following your Push, Pull, Read More

10/30/2014  Mark Dugdale

How to determine a leg workout that includes a secondary leg workout.i have been following your workout log for months and I really appreciate the knowledge and time you share.thanks for your time Read More



10/31/2014  Shelby Starnes

hi Shelby, I figured that (besides your documented knowledge) your association with John Meadows might help with this question. I posted my question to his facebook under a post he made on this pro Read More


Iron Brothers

10/31/2014  Bob Youngs

Bob, what days are you going to be at the world's? It would be great to see you and for you to see the best looking former Southside Barbell member Read More

greg larkins
10/31/2014  Harry Selkow

Since you talked about reading books in your training log I thought I'd ask the question: Excluding training books, what are your favorite fiction or non-fiction books? Anything that inspired you or  Read More

10/31/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, Not sure how to structure these little updates to you so I figured I'd just write one to give a tiny background to start off with. 5'10" and was 135 lbs 3 years ago. A powerlifter friend  Read More

Dylan SpineGuy
10/30/2014  Clint Darden

Clint, I've been following your log since you first joined Elite. You've been one of the most helpful, passionate, educational, and HILARIOUS contributors. I just wanted to let you know let you kn Read More

10/30/2014  Jo Jordan

Looking at purchasing resistance bands. What is the difference between the regular resistance bands you sell and the Onyx bands? Any recommendation on one for things like face pulls, pull aparts an Read More

10/30/2014  Bob Youngs

Thanks for the advice...I certainly appreciate your perspective and I'll definitely get to moving more and cleaning up the diet. I'll be looking at the weight loss goal as both long-term and as a life Read More


Sports Training

10/31/2014  The Thinker

Question about overtraining/adrenal burnout. I an trying to find good resources on recovery from overtraining. There are many resources on the mechanisms and how to avoid overreaching and overtraining Read More

10/30/2014  Brandon Smitley

what is the best tactic for studying for CSCS and what were the hardest parts? Any advice regarding the test is appreciated as I'm taking the test in December! I have a background with lifting experie Read More


Powerlifting Gear

10/30/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey, I've been lifting for 5 years and my best lifts are a 455 squat, 350 bench, and a 500 deadlift all raw. I'm wanting to get into gear. I was wondering if anybody knew of any coaches in my area to  Read More

10/30/2014  Dave Kirschen

I need some guidance in choosing a belt. I'm unsure of the real, functional difference between the Elite Power Lifting Belt vs. P2. I will be using it for a broad range of strength movements, and I am Read More

10/29/2014  Jo Jordan

Jo, Joe Schillero gave me yor email and said to email you about getting a pair of briefs... I am looking at getting a pair of briefs to help my squat training...I am a raw lifter but would lik Read More


10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh hope all has been well. Quick question i have noticed mostly in bench my first rep has gotten to be pretty explosive and seems 2nd rep and 3rd rep im significantly less explosive/weaker. i k Read More

10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey josh, Just started your 4 day a week jailhouse strong rest-pause routine. I can't do OHP do to some neck injuries. What do u suggest I replace it with? INcline BB, speed bench, plyo push up?  Read More

10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh--- what are the best ways to work puny calves? Read More

10/29/2014  Ted Toalston

Ted, What is your training template? It seems like you combine dynamic & max effort work on the same day & then do a supplemental day, i.e. step ups and db presses. What is the purpose of the suppl Read More

10/29/2014  Brian Schwab

I want to run the M2 method without doing the competition prep part. After the 12 weeks, do I just work up to a heavy rep max to see where I am at to base my next cycles numbers off? or how do you tr Read More

Dave D
10/28/2014  Chase Karnes

Hey Chase, With your 3 day program you're running, are you using 5/3/1 & 5's Pro? Just curious as too your set up on your barbell lifts. Thanks Read More



10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Saw the video of you wailing on that heavy bad. Wanted to know what gloves you use? I have a pair of title but they start to slip as I hit harder. Just wondering. Take care Josh Read More



10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey josh- I've read articles on getting your head right before your big lift in competition. What would you say is the number one thing to being successful in a meet? Read More

10/30/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, If I'm training to do my first powerlifting meet, do I need to be doing any cardio? Read More


Squat - Deadlift

10/30/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hi, I was hoping someone could give me some advice for glute activation in squats? I've been powerlifting for about 18 months but my squat is really holding me back - no matter what I try I can't acti Read More

10/29/2014  Scott Yard

what is the best way to get big air before a max deadlift? I have the spud 3 ply belt and im pretty sure im not maxing out its abilities. thanks Read More

mike v.
10/28/2014  Dave Kirschen

Hello, To start with, I am 29 yrs old, 175lbs, 5'10" and have only been lifting 2 years. I have never done a meet before. I was hoping someone could critique my deadlift for me. My max is 415, this Read More

10/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hey Matt, I was wondering if you had any specific recovery methods for recovering from a heavy squat(multiple singles over 90%). I'm getting roughly 8 hours of sleep a night, and I eat pretty decent.  Read More


Business Discussion

10/28/2014  Murph

Thank you so much for your help, what were your suggestion for most bang for buck? I can definitely afford the power rack and Texas power bar, the weights for the power rack may be pricey along with t Read More



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