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8/30/2014  Harry Selkow

Hi! I'm a bit confused right now when it comes to programming for novices, intermidiates and advanced lifters. On the one hand, the better you get and the more advanced you become, the more you  Read More

8/30/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey brandon, quick question in regard to those speed sets you showed me. for the speed bench, you said to double up on the minis, how do you set them up for yourself/how would i if i didn't have a pow Read More

Ian S.
8/30/2014  Jim Wendler

Hey Jim, First off, I would just like to say you are the Man! I've been doing 5/3/1 for a little over a year and a half now and I am stronger then I ever have been. I first started with the BBB progr Read More

8/30/2014  Jim Wendler

I am in the military and currently deployed. Before I left I was using 5/3/1 and making good strength gains. Now my gym is very minimal. Squat rack , bench press and deadlift mat. I have started using Read More

8/29/2014  Mark Watts

Mark, how come that olympic lifters are often "smaller" than bodybuilders or powerlifters, but often much stronger? I thought so far, that there is a difference in hypertrophy: Weightlifters are Read More

8/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Why is it easier for the people I'm training to do situps with their hands under their butt? They say they don't feel it in their back as much with their hands there. Could this be because they have a Read More


Sports Training

8/30/2014  Chase Karnes

Team Elitefts, I am looking to read and research books/articles for strength and conditioning for MMA. (I've read all the articles under the search "mma" on your site). I know of specific weaknesse Read More

Josh Hiller
8/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello Harry! It's Jeff, the sore elbow, 5 kid guy! Elbows are doing great! Took your advice and things are looking up! This time I have a REAL question for you. One of my sons is a high school wrestle Read More

8/29/2014  Mark Watts

NSCA's Great Lakes Regional Conference Read More

Mark Watts
8/27/2014  The Thinker

James, No question, just thought you might like this video. While it may be in French, it has some incredible shots of various sprinters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qai-AjEA5I Luke Read More


Powerlifting Gear

8/30/2014  Jo Jordan

I spoke to you on the phone today (august 29) about the IPF King Squatter for narrow or closed stance, and the sizing of the it. I meausered the Pelvic Area to be 46, and thigh to be 27. So I needed h Read More

James Nelson
8/28/2014  Jo Jordan

I had a question about sizing for the metal jack briefs. I wanted to grab a pair for overload training. I lift raw, medium to wide stance. Measurements are 25.5 inches on thighs, 46 on pelvis, and 40. Read More

8/27/2014  Shane Church

The gym you suggested NBS fitness, David Allen's gym in memphis is a very badass gym, my wife and I used to go there, the only reason we dont anymore is because they have no childcare there and we hav Read More



8/29/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, I am going to follow the mountaindog program that came with the MAW book elite offered awhile back. I lift in a pretty well equipped gym but the one thing we do not have is a leg press. Ive no Read More

Jake E.
8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh My goal is to build muscle and look in good shape I use all rep ranges and train heavy and light depending on what week it is I have carton egg whites which are safe to drink raw, was wonde Read More

Tomas linkersheer
8/27/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, Can you isolate certain parts of your muscles? I want to work on the outside part of my thigh to make my legs look bigger- suggestions? Read More



8/29/2014  Mark Dugdale

Hi Mark, I have been having some trouble for a while now training my biceps. I can hardly feel the contraction and they hardly get any blood in them. I used to bee able to really squeeze them and they Read More

8/29/2014  Scott Yard

Hi guys I have a question about creatine. I've never taken any, but I've heard creatine can cause complications with asthma, for people born with asthma. I have asthma my self, so could taking creatin Read More

Michael Kirk
8/29/2014  Marc Bartley

This is for anyone in regards to supplements. Just a quick question, if i have an amino acid supplement such as Atomic 7 from Universal or SciVations Xtend, would it be good to get some glutamine powd Read More

Ian S.
8/28/2014  Julia Ladewski

Julia, I enjoyed your Q&A about post contest eating and learned a lot about reverse dieting. I have a question, what about coming off stimulant based fat burners post contest. Would you suggest just Read More



8/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, 4x15 pull-ups are done and in the books. Goal is 5x15, which I presume it is go time on? Thanks for everything coach, your guidance has helped me reach (positive thinking!) a huge goal that h Read More

8/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Sir, it was a very disappointing morning. The third rep of 4x3x75/70/65 consistently was not up to standard. My weight has been pretty steady at 238 and I don't feel any more beat up than usual. I Read More

8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, Question about programming. I'm currently doing singles to a set max (4-5 singles). Then doing CAT sets based off %. I do a 60, 70 and 80% week. First question, would it be beneficial to do Read More

8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I'm 5 ft 9in, 170 pounds. Mid-arm circumference with my elbow extended is just over 13 inches. The program I was talking about is as follows: Wed Squat Quad Dominant 3-5×10 Hamstring Domin Read More

8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, I'm running your 13 week squat program from Built to the Hilt with great results so far. My question is, for my deadlift/pull day, do you think pulling from 3 inch blocks ONLY during Read More

8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I have read that you recommend going up in weight in small increments and not just trying to jump with the 45s. Should I try to add 2-5 lbs each time i workout that week? How should I try to pro Read More


Squat - Deadlift

8/29/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, I have a question about the dynamic squat day. As a raw lifter is is a requirement to use a box for this? Could you do them without the box occasionally, or all the time? Thanks in advance! Read More

8/29/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hi Brandon, recently my knees have started collapsing inwards during heavy squats, something that has never been a problem before. Besides cueing myself 'knees out', is there any tips you can give me Read More

8/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hey folks! Can anyone explain to me (in a more scientifical manner), WHY partial/half Squats are harder on the Knees than full Squats? From what i've read so far (and it is hard to find articles Read More

8/27/2014  Shane Church

Thanks to all the EFS experts. I am a bit older (50's) train for strength and health and compete 1-2x/year. Raw . I am looking to add bands and chains to my DL training. I pull conventional and have Read More

8/27/2014  Casey Williams

Good question from Michael Tanner of Purdue Barbell Read More

Casey Williams
8/27/2014  Harry Selkow

I have been told by the trainer on our football staff (I am a football coach and the trainer is qualified) that I have a great chance of having tendinitis in my knees specifically my left. I can have  Read More



8/28/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I apologize for being too general in my previous question. Here is some background info. I'm 23 and am 6'1 205lbs. I have been training for several years now but this past year has been my mo Read More

8/28/2014  Marshall Johnson

marshall- do you mind doing a video showing how you made your pvc "bamboo" bar i ve seen sites how to make it but i want to know specifically how you made yours or a closer up video of the bar perhaps Read More



8/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

It actually causes tightness and discomfort in the outer and top side of my forearm. Could this be something else? I realize this and have backed off but inactivity seems to make it worse. Just heavy  Read More

8/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

I have some tendon pains beginning in my elbow that are starting to bother me day and night. I'm fine while lifting after using proper warm up and my efs elbow sleeves. My question is are the slingsho Read More

8/28/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello. I would like to know if anyone has some advice for my friend. He is 40 years old and has two hip surgeris. He would like to stay active (play tennis). Do you have any advice for his rehab.  Read More



8/28/2014  Steve Goggins

congrads, on your induction to the hall of fame, I remember seeing you at 15yrs old at a meet in warner robbins ga. I had a friend lifting, and I thing you might have been a guess lifter, not sure.i r Read More

todd weller
8/27/2014  Hannah Johnson

Would love to see a remake of the "Coppertone dog pulling down bathing suit" photo! Read More

Savannah Steamer

Bench Press

8/28/2014  Steve Goggins

Mr. Goggins, this one is for you since you are probably the most experienced with kind of situation. I have a female ipf lifter. She needs a lot of sets and reps before the lifts start feeding smooth. Read More

8/27/2014  Casey Williams

Im still a little confused about when and how to use my sling shot. Whats the best program to follow? I just purchased the 10 20 for life book and want to make gains both in number and size. Any sugg Read More



8/27/2014  Mark Watts

Coach Watts, I know that you're a big fan of neck training but are there any neck drills/stretches/work that you like done during prepractice or pregame warm up. I would like to do some type of nec Read More


Iron Brothers

8/27/2014  Jo Jordan

Jo: I just wanted to say thanks for answering my question regarding the Khaos bar/ Khaos Set & Reps. I put one together and did my first workout today. I'm going to continue incorporating it on my b Read More


Weight Gain

8/27/2014  Josh Bryant

hi josh. I am attempting my first lean bulk. I am 22 years old and weight 190 around 8-9 percent BF. I am thinking on hitting around 250g of protein per day and about 350-400 grams of carbs, These wil Read More



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