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8/23/2014  Shelby Starnes

Shelby, I haven’t given my supplement regime a look over in a while, though I would ask your input. 15mins before gym - 50g WMS, 25g Whey, 10g BCAA Caps Post workout – 50g WMS, 5g Creatine 15m Read More

Bryan H
8/21/2014  Justin Harris

How are you Justin? I was wondering what I should look for in a fish oil supplement as well as vitamin D3? Do you have any preferred brands, especially with the fish oil? I'm assuming there isn't m Read More

8/21/2014  Justin Harris

Justin, Thanks for the quick response. As a follow up, I just read an article by Fred Duncan (http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/peri-workout-nutrition-part-1/) that suggests just using Read More

8/21/2014  Justin Harris

Hey, Justin, glad to see you back and I'm sorry to read about your pec tear. I hope it doesn't hold you back. I saw the question you answered earlier about SSRIs. I was wondering whether you had  Read More


Fat Loss

8/23/2014  Shelby Starnes

Hey Shelby, I am dieting myself down. I am not in single digit body fat yet, but I am the lowest I have ever been (I have been 20+% for 15 yrs). I have not lowered calories or upped cardio in a  Read More



8/23/2014  Murph

Murph, Facebook is covered in articles/advertisements for these amazing muscle building/fat shredder supplements. The (appear) to have all these endorsements of pro athletes, ESPN, Mens Health, Sp Read More

8/20/2014  Shelby Starnes

Shelby, following several articles by John Meadows, your ebook and the Q&A section here, i stick to the way of having my carbs exclusively before/during/after Training. Since i have to always wa Read More

8/20/2014  Murph

I have a dairy allergy - what kind of protein powder do you recommend other than whey protein? Thanks! Read More



8/23/2014  Harry Selkow

What's up Coach, Last assignment was a max set. I got 19 good ones and 1 not so good. I'd like to take another run at 20+. I'm ready for the next step. Thanks for all your help with this. I've done  Read More

Steve M
8/22/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, I have started using the conjugate method recently with the hopes of really adding strength to my main lifts. However, I am not quite sure what is the appropriate amount of volume and intensit Read More

8/22/2014  Joey Smith

I currently run Westside's conjugate method and I have seen fantastic results since I started it 5 months ago. I have been lifting for a little under 3 years now. I am 6'2'' 255lbs and currently my b Read More

Dustin S.
8/21/2014  Brandon Smitley

Awesome thank you. Yeah I've been watching your training logs and was wanting to possibly do somewhat similar approach because I'm raw lifting as well. as far as bands which would you recommend gettin Read More

Ian S
8/21/2014  Mark Watts

Mark - I am a 6'2 almost 43 year old lifter with a goal to bench 405 again and touch the 10 foot rim of a basketball goal (lost the ability a few years ago and used to could dunk fairly easily. My Read More

8/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, I have read your three step rule to get out of the squat rack, but I still can't seem to feel comfortable with just those steps. Is it really going to affect my squat if I adjust my feet? Read More



8/22/2014  Brandon Smitley

Thanks for the reply. The meet is oct 25. I believe you can weigh in fri night or say morning before the meet I hVe only been weighing my self on sat mornings ( 6 weigh ins) and my average is 245  Read More

8/21/2014  Brandon Smitley

Follow up from the last twitter chat. I have been competing in the 275s. Last 2 meets weighed in at 258. Recently cleaned up nutrition and have dropped the lowest of 243 and fluctuate to 250 throughou Read More



8/22/2014  Brandon Smitley

Thats awesome i will definitely try those out to see how it feels. and i have the short bands for the mins and the monster minis, as well as a single short light. My squat max currently is 415 and de Read More

Ian S
8/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Hi i have problem about my chest it seams look like out of shape i m working hard to develope it from last 2 year but it cant developing into box chest and i want a big box chest and proper shape to i Read More

Sonu nigam
8/22/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin! Reading your articles and q&a I really like your style. I have two questions for you which I hope you can answer: The first one is easier: How did you tear your pec? What did you do?  Read More

8/21/2014  Dave Tate

Dave . Do you train shoulders separate from your chest, I know with mountain dog its usually together. If so how does this help you Many Thanks Read More

Andy foxall
8/20/2014  Jim Wendler

Jim, We traded emails many moons ago. I am a friend and long-time training partner of Glenn Buechlein, as I mentioned at the time. You and I discussed why it probably doesn't make sense to combin Read More

8/20/2014  Jim Wendler

You had previously written about your hybrid between DC training and 5/3/1 at T-Nation(?). In it you mentioned that your assistance exercises were still in the beta stage. I'm wondering if you continu Read More


Squat - Deadlift

8/22/2014  Brandon Smitley

I currently run Westside's conjugate method and I have seen fantastic results since I started it 5 months ago. I have been lifting for a little under 3 years now. I am 6'2'' 255lbs and currently my b Read More

Dustin S.
8/21/2014  Marshall Johnson

Hey marshall! i have a (hopefully) quick question for you. I want to train to build my deadlift. that's about it. I'm not an athlete, i don't compete in full meets. I just love to lift lots of dead we Read More


Iron Brothers

8/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, thanks for the reply on the exercises to strengthen the weak link. Mayor is the new dog's name. He came with it and about a half dozen nicknames he will respond to. I have some other exci Read More

Peter Yuri
8/21/2014  Jo Jordan

Hi Jo, I know you answered this question recently, however I can't seem to find the answer. My questions are in regard to the chaos bar you are using, and the sets/reps to use. I recall it's made fro Read More

8/21/2014  Mark Dugdale

Mark, No question here. Just want to tell you how awesome it was to see you quoting scripture on Elitefts! Very cool, man. Considering the amount of people you reach here, you could be someone gent Read More

8/21/2014  Murph

Thanks to all the experts. You are a great resource . I have a great EFS inspired basement gym. I recently acquired some 45lb plates on the cheap. They have some rust that flakes every time they cla Read More



8/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey Coach, Thought I'd send this your way and get your take on it. I've got a meet coming up Sept.21. I fear it's going to be a bad meet. With our new team member NOT sleeping at night, some experime Read More

Steve M
8/20/2014  Brandon Smitley

Mr. Smitley, I was wondering if you would give me some pointers on my bench, squat, and deadlift. I'm just getting into to powerlifting, and really want to hammer in good technique. Here are som Read More

Drake Taylor


8/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Hii harry sir i am a cricketer and fast bowler from last 1 year i suferd from knee enjury weekness in patela tendon and finally i broken and tear me patela completely at 27 march 2014 into 2 peices i  Read More

Ajinkya raje
8/21/2014  Brandon Smitley

Right hip has been bothering me at the inner thigh and feels like left glute is rarely as sore from squats as the right glute. left glute just doesnt fire well. Any thoughts or suggestions? Read More

8/21/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with platelate rich plasma injections in lower back? I've just had an mri which showed herniation at L5/S1. Doctors are recommending PRP to repair lig Read More

8/21/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Random grip or even maybe rehab question. So for several weeks now my grip hasn't been as strong. Not that I think my grip is weak and I need to strengthen it, but more that its fatigued. And n Read More

8/21/2014  Marc Bartley

Marc I would say I don't enjoy reading your log, but I would be a liar. Seems like every time I read it I cringe and feel pain from your pain. You seem to have a unique approach of purposely gettin Read More

8/21/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, Good to see you back on here posting and in the gym again. Long time fan of yours. My question is in regards to your recent pec tear. What exercise were you doing and at what intensity? Read More


Sports Training

8/21/2014  The Thinker

James, Reading through some of your old Q&A responses, you mentioned not wanting your pre-pubescent athletes to perform deep squats. Just curious what the rationale behind this is, as I've seen it me Read More

8/20/2014  Dave Kirschen

I am an adult(32) tennis player who is looking to become competitive on a national level over the next 3 years. My skills are coming along tennis wise but I feel that there is a lot of room for me to Read More

Tim Holt

Powerlifting Gear

8/21/2014  Jo Jordan

Hey dude can I have help with some metal sizing? Need a king sumo. 48.5 pelvis and 30.5 leg. One puts me at a 62 and one puts me at a 56. I have a pro squatter that's a 58 that's years old that's big  Read More

8/21/2014  Jo Jordan

Hey Jo, I've spoken with you in the past with gear sizing. Think I messed up and wanted to double check hopefully before it gets shipped. I ordered 58 viking briefs. My pelvis around measurement is 50 Read More

Michael Davies
8/21/2014  Jo Jordan

Hi Jo, I could use some help. I have a pair of semi-new metal ace briefs, and I need help stretching the legs. They were just perfectly tight when I first got them, but I've gained 10lbs (finally)  Read More

Riley Burrows
8/20/2014  Shane Church

Hey shane, thank you for the very quick response! I will definitely take your advice and work it in the way you explained. And I have the elitefts krait wrist wraps 80cm and the elitefts heavy knee  Read More


Bench Press

8/21/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vince, First off, congrats on the huge 900 bench and another congrats on your current cut down on weight. Going from 300+ down is tough but man you'll look like a beast after. (I know from exp Read More



8/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I am a bodybuilder, I have never ever used one approach or one rep range or even considered myself a powerlifter or bodybuilding I feel training is very similar. I have competed in powerli Read More

Roger Tomas johnson
8/21/2014  Josh Bryant

hi josh I am 22 year old all natural. I love training and its my hobby. I think about competing one day but as of now just training non competitive. I am 5'11 186 lbs about 6 percent BF right now. I  Read More



8/20/2014  Dave Kirschen

To all the coaches and helpers at the Power lifting experience this past weekend, Thank you all very much! Could not have been more pleased with the event... Hit PRS, Fantastic advice, one-on-one m Read More



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