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11/21/2014  Chase Karnes

Hey Chase, without getting into too much detail here is my situation: I run 5/3/1 and due to a shoulder issue I cannot military press without it hindering my training. I still want to train 4 days/wee Read More

11/21/2014  Josh Bryant

hey bro i am getting stronger on a keto diet. am i lucky? should i stop? Read More

William C


11/21/2014  Chase Karnes

what is that massive belt you wear whilst squatting? It almost looks like a back brace? I must know! Haha, thanks Read More

11/21/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, I was reading an article online that talked about squats for hypertrophy. It talked about the usual; narrow stance, full ROM, focusing on the quads, in proper rep ranges, etc. When  Read More

11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey, I have been doing Defranco's Limber 11 for around 6 months now but recently have ran into a weird issue the past 2. During mountain climbers my hips pop every rep and it also almost feels like a  Read More

11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Hey Harry: I have a question regarding programming for youth when first starting weight training. I know everyone has their own ideas on what age is appropriate so I won’t even put an age, I will s Read More

11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, I have been pounding away at my weighted pull-ups, and have worked back up to 70x4x3, with a down set of +25 for 10 reps. My goal is to hit 100x5, and a set of 15 with +25. I have been progr Read More

Will Rouse
11/20/2014  Jim Wendler

Jim, I'm going to start 5/3/1 this week after a several month layoff using a 2 day/week template. Full time job, one three-year-old and one newborn and one lovely wife take up a good bit of my time Read More


Weight Gain

11/21/2014  Chase Karnes

Chase, what is your diet like during your 14 week off-season mass phase? If you've posted this somewhere else feel free to just link me, I wasn't able to find it going through your training logs/Q&A's Read More


Squat - Deadlift

11/21/2014  Hannah Johnson

Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some pointers on my sumo pulls. I have a meet coming up in 6 weeks and I could sure use the help. My previous meet best is 490. Any help would be greatly appreciate Read More

11/20/2014  Casey Williams

hey casey, What made you switch from conventional to sumo stance deads? I recently started pulling sumo for a month and a half, due to a lower back injury and started getting comfortable with it. W Read More

11/19/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hi EFS Team, I'm a raw lifter who's run into a quagmire in terms of progression. Over the past four months I have brought my snatch-grip deadlifts, which I do as a supplemental lift after DE squats Read More

Alex Kreidenweis


11/21/2014  Harry Selkow

Mr. Selkow, My name is Drake. I'm an 18 year looking to get into powerlifting. I have a meet i'm going to lift at in March 2015, and was wondering if you could give me some technical advice. Here i Read More

Drake Taylor
11/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh! My training partner and I want to start using bands on our dynamic days but were unsure which ones to use for her squat and bench and my bench. Two questions regarding bands that I'm hoping Read More

11/20/2014  Clint Darden

Mr. Darden, My name is Drake Taylor. I'm 18 years old, and plan to compete in a powerlifting meet in a few months as a 181. My Deadlift lags behind my squat by a lot (405x5 back squat belted and 35 Read More

Drake Taylor


11/21/2014  Justin Harris

Justin I bought your q&a book a long time ago and it has ways remained one of my fav books so wanted to direct this question to you For the person wanting muscle gains/health benefits which coo Read More

Ronnie tomes
11/21/2014  Justin Harris

Justin You have been very active on the q&a team recently it's been great to read your answers Wanted to ask. I cook with coconut oil will i still get the benefits of it or do I need to ingest  Read More

11/21/2014  Justin Harris

I couldn't stop watching the dog GIF. I'm not sure whether it was amazing, disturbing, or amazingly disturbing. Read More

11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, You responded to a question from a reader with "Weird thing is, the less I think about it, the more strength and more muscular I become. I start to think about it or actually plan beyond thi Read More

11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Heres my training and diet for my weight loss program tell me what you think. 2000 cal restriction. Have an apple and 2TBSP natural peanut butter with 20 oz water, morning rituals,then 1/2 cup cof Read More

Bubba Gump
11/20/2014  Justin Harris

Justin, You seem to have a wealth of knowledge I wanted to ask about cooking oils. I normally cook my meats in oils, I was wondering if it's best to do this or better to just swallow the oil who Read More

Jack tom


11/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh I am 30, powerlifting is something I have done for 2 years with good results so far, I also hike and bike 2 days per week.I eat well and healthy, drink little alcohol I have to admit I sm Read More

Mike backstreet
11/19/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Sir, i wanted to get your thoughts on a knee issue. A few months ago I was doing some front squats and after I finished my knees felt funny. I had to drive a couple hours that night to pick up my ki Read More


Bench Press

11/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, Thanks for sharing those bench press tips. Read More

11/20/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vincent I have a question on what's the difference between regular cut and radical cut bench shirts? Thanks you Read More

11/20/2014  Josh Bryant

I am having a problem with my raw bench, once I touch I come off the chest strong and fast. After 3-4 inches everything dies out. I haven't been hitting OHP really strong. Could this be my problem or Read More

11/19/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hello Brandon, I just want to preface my question with some appreciation for any advice you can give! I have been following 5/3/1 for the better part of 2-3 years and recently totaled 1235 raw goin Read More


Iron Brothers

11/20/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey Brandon, First off, congrats on your 1320 total! Thats a huge accomplishment. Very inspiring. I can't wait to see how much further you will go in the next years. My question- Wrestling season ha Read More

Brad S.
11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

My best good friend you never got back to me! So what do you think of my nutritional plan? 2000 cal restriction, eating light before training,(apple,water and 2 TBSP peanut butter immediately upon a Read More

Bubba Gump
11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Mr. Selkow Here is my update. I just completed another cycle of 5/3/1. Made all lifts with confidence (but I did miss a 1 rep PR on bench press. We'll get it next time). I've started to use a b Read More

Dylan SpineGuy
11/20/2014  Clint Darden

Clint, If you don't mind me asking, what is your chemo regimen? Rich Read More

Richard Anderson
11/20/2014  Matt Rhodes

Matt I love your training log and philosophy and admire your heart. You don't let a hip replacement stop you. I'd love to see you come to EKU as the strength coach. Read More

11/19/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, Readingthe Q&A, you are the first person (in my experience) ever to relate dinner choices to your training sessions of the day. This is genius! I think you may be on to something!Why ha Read More

Peter Yuri


11/20/2014  Harry Selkow

Coach, Saw the Doctor (Gen Prac) last Friday. Went for Xrays (waiting on assessment). Request for MRI was sent (within the next 2 weeks). Dr think either bone spur (surgery), Labral Tear (su Read More

Peter Yuri
11/19/2014  Harry Selkow

Rehab question So i broke my pinky toe the other day, Dr said stay off it for about a week and plan on about a month for it to heal. Ive never had a broken toe before, and 3 days later the pain  Read More

11/19/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Hey, my name is Austin. I am 6'1", 215lbs, and 25 years old and have dealt with poor knees since I was 13. I've had meniscus repair in both knees and partial meniscus and full ACL replacement in my  Read More

Austin S

Fat Loss

11/20/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hey guys, I'm currently around 20-25% BF and working to drop about 20lbs. Im not a competitor, I just lift for personal goals. At the point Im at now, does it really matter whether I use protein i Read More

11/19/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey Guys Quick Question hopefully you can answer. it is 130pm and in about 20 hours at 930AM I have a final weigh in for a weight loss contest. I need to drop about 9 pounds and outside of not  Read More

David Button


11/20/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi I'm interested in having you train me to compete in push pull meets look forward to hearings from you. I'm currently 255lbs and benching 410 and pulling 600 Read More

Robert Washburn
11/19/2014  Hannah Johnson

Thanks for the humor and insight regarding the vasectomy! You were probably the LAST person on the team I expected to respond! BTW, I really enjoy your log posts. I have a few firefighters in the fami Read More


Sports Training

11/19/2014  Mark Watts

Coach Watts, What are your thoughts on extended warm ups prior to training, practices or games? I prefer well-rounded yet relatively quick warm ups but wanted to know your opinion. Thanks Read More


Products and Reviews

11/19/2014  Mark Watts

Where is the safety squat bar made ? China or US? Read More



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