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4/17/2014  Brandon Smitley

Brandon, Thank you so much for the detailed response to my question about off season S&C for HS wrestling. I appreciate your time and will def implement the things you spoke of. -- And I didn't  Read More

4/16/2014  Dave Tate

Hey Dave, First of all, thank you for everything you have done for people who train as a priority. I can't think of anybody who contributes more to his "community" and doesn't ask for a lot back. I Read More

Dantre Beelan
4/16/2014  Julia Ladewski

Sorry Julia, Im from Pittsburgh, Pa. I am open to video critique for sure. In the past however, feedback from my videos usually wasnt very helpful as it didnt quite address my problem. I had thought a Read More

Michael Hart


4/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello Matt, I just had a subjective question I thought you would be privy to answer. What do you think would be good numbers for squat and deadlift in the 5 rep range for a leaner build like mine (6'3 Read More

Matt Gerhart
4/17/2014  Chase Karnes

Dear Mr Karnes, I live a mile from work and walk there every week day. Last year I started carrying an adjustable weight kettlebell. Starting at 35lb it's now 62lb and I carry it for 20 seconds an Read More

John North
4/17/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hi Brandon, I noticed in your training log that you have also done some Olympic lifting, and was wondering what your opinion was on combing weightlifting with powerlifting. I’m not looking to comp Read More

4/16/2014  Harry Selkow

Hi Coach, Joe from AZ. I hope all is well with you! Training has been going well. I've been following 531 on a 2 day per week program, doing conditioning and mobility work daily for the past 12 wee Read More

Joe T
4/16/2014  Brandon Smitley

Brandon, thanks a lot for your suggestions! What i am tryining to do with the "Bodybuilding-training-deload" as i described, is to give my joints a bit of a break (that's why higher reps/less weigh Read More

4/16/2014  Jim Wendler

After being more than a year off, I'm going back to the iron finally. What advice would you give to someone after a long lay off and how could I go about finding my new measly maxes? I will be followi Read More


Iron Brothers

4/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Not a question, I usually find you humorous and amusing. I at least think that is why you write what you do. But your "high and mighty" attitude is running very stale. PTs have a job to do, if you  Read More

4/17/2014  Scott Yard

Hi Scott I just wanted to say congrats on your meet. Very impressive lifting as all your lifts looked very solid. So, congrats on getting the ball rolling again. Mike Stuchiner Read More

mike stuchiner
4/16/2014  Scott Yard

Awesome Lifting Scott! Looked great. The bench and deadlift looked quick. Like you said I think you could have done more. Heck man 31 you are just hitting your stride. 30's is prime for especially f Read More

Eric Ostling

Olympic Sports

4/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

EFS team...I have a bug interest in olympic lifting. My mobility for the snatch isn't that bad but my mobility for the clean is awful. I cannot get the bar into the rack position. Are there any resour Read More



4/17/2014  Chase Karnes

Chase, I am planning to use the programming from your article http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/kentucky-strong-add-100-pounds-to-your-pull/ Did you alternate deadlift and squat o Read More

4/17/2014  Chase Karnes

Hello Chase. This is in regarding your arcticle about adding 100 lbs to the deadlift of one of your athletes in 24 weeks. 5x5 waved percents based off of an 85% working 1RM. Can you speak about t Read More

4/17/2014  Josh McMillan

Josh, eager to incorporate powerlifting with mt. dog training. Could you present a simple split? You have seemed to be very successful with it. Thank you. Read More

4/17/2014  Josh Bryant

Hi josh, do you think a program in which you hit your main lift with low reps and heavy, then do some higher rep assistance the best of both worlds for strength and size? or do you think its better to Read More

4/17/2014  Zane Geeting

Hi Zane, I just read your 10-week, intermediate deadlift program. First, thanks for putting this program together and for posting it. I have a question regarding the block pulls. I know that rack pul Read More

4/16/2014  Harry Selkow

How you doing, Coach, Previous assignment was 4x11 & 6x10 en route to 20+ BW pull ups. Rest has pushed these sessions to 1.5 hrs. (brutal trying to finish the second half of the assignment) Ready for Read More

Steve M

Fat Loss

4/17/2014  Chase Karnes

I have a (kind of odd) fat loss question if you dont mind? I am currently at 215 lbs, and want to get down into the 198 class. I can't get my mindset right about losing weight. I took up lifting 2 ye Read More

4/16/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hello, I want to start off by saying I have much respect for what you do as a lifter. You and the rest of the Elitefts staff have no idea how inspirational you all are. My question is in regard Read More

Edgar Salmeron
4/16/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey, Vincent! Im a big fan of your ideas and concepts when it comes to the bench and overhead work. Big fan! But big fan literally. I want to drop some weight and wanted to know more specifically  Read More

4/16/2014  Jeremy Frey

Hey guys I really appreciate all the help. I'm tryin to cut to the 242 class with minimal strength loss (265 now). Is it pointless to do accessories with my main lifts as I am in a slight caloric defi Read More

Josh renner


4/17/2014  Chase Karnes

Chase, thanks, that helps a ton. I guess part of it too was that I had this expectation that my yoke was going to be miles above my squat. As for the driveway, it's just that last 5 feet that is on Read More



4/17/2014  Jo Jordan

Id look into mike robertsons inside out and bucger12 if I were you. I use both of these along with the usual icing etc. These work great and got my shoulders sorted. Read More

Bill Lawlor
4/17/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello I am a division 2 college linebacker. I have just had my second labral repair surgery (one on each shoulder) Ive been lifting pretty heavy again and gained most of my strength back in all my li Read More

4/16/2014  Dave Tate

Dave, my son is Josh McMillan. He told me you recently had a hip replacement surgery. I am having a hip replacement in three weeks. Do you have any advice for prior to or for after the surgery? Read More

Greg McMillan

Business Discussion

4/17/2014  Harry Selkow

When Starting out a warehouse gym, what should I aim for as the essentials of equipment? I'm going to assume I wont have much space starting out. Read More

4/16/2014  Andy Deck

Hi there, I'm moving out of my home state looking to open a very small scale strength coaching operation. Eventually I would love for it to turn into a much larger operation. But for now, is it lega Read More

Corbin Christensen

Bench Press

4/17/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hi Vincent, I'm wondering if you can critique this guy's bench press wheelie form. I think Louie recommends you set records at different bike angles. Read More

4/17/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

My question is in regards to the bench press. Im following linear strength progression and am at 185lbs right now and am beginning to have issues. I am tight in my setup but when I unrack the bar my r Read More

4/16/2014  Brandon Smitley

I have been doing a lot more close grip benching lately. What is the optimal distance between my hands for a close grip? I see and read many different opinions (hands touching, 4-6 inches apart, pin Read More


Squat - Deadlift

4/17/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, First, I want to thank you for all the information you have freely given on this site and to me. It's helped me set up my programming in more ways then I know. Second, I would like your op Read More

4/16/2014  Brandon Smitley

Sir, Thanks for your response. I will give it a shot and try to capture it on video. I am trying to restart my pull from the ground on technique so the weight will be in 50-65% for me. Can you e Read More

4/16/2014  Jeremy Frey

I asked the question about knee wraps helping with the discomfort in my knee. Yes, I had a patella graph done. Read More

Josh Zimmerman
4/16/2014  Jeremy Frey

great advice on not having to spread the floor apart with a wide stance.... wrecked havoc on my knees after pulling sumo and squatting wide with gear for 15 years... so far I have brought stance in so Read More

todd w

Powerlifting Gear

4/16/2014  Dave Kirschen

"So you think you can gear lift?" thats the best idea ever .. Not just single ply though but all kinds of ply's and materials . Tricks and tips on how to get more out of your suits . Best brief and su Read More



4/16/2014  Buddy Coach X Morris

Coach, I am a college offensive lineman currently putting together a 12 week program for my summer training based on your new book. I was just wondering exercise variation. How often if at all, shou Read More



4/16/2014  Murph

Hi Murph- Is there any chance that we here in New England will eventually have a Relentless? I figured that if anyone could pull it off, it would be you and TPS crew. Are y'all going to be at the Eu Read More

Justin Anderson


4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

Hey Marc, I'm about to start my second month of LGI's secretabridge and am noticing improved recovery. There isn't a lot of information and the logs have been pretty terrible. Just wanted to know:  Read More

Der Arschwagen
4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

Hey Marc, could you tell me how you would run finaflex 1 andro and the finaflex pct and pure test plus the finaflex px black I was looking to run something to try to get lean and hard but not loose to Read More

4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

Marc, What is the best fat burner and appetite suppressant these days? Thanks for the info. Read More

4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

hi marc in regards to taking the nutrakey antler test how should I run this. will I need to run anything with it or any type of pct? thanks Read More



4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

What are the benefits of drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day when dieting? Thanks Read More


Products and Reviews

4/16/2014  Marc Bartley

Marc, What is the weight capacity for the spud inc suspension straps? Read More



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