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10/22/2014  Scott Yard

I am doing my first meet in a few weeks. I can wear sleeves, but not my efs super heavies. I was wondering if there would be any benefit to cramming myself in a small pair of tommy kono's or would i Read More


Iron Brothers

10/22/2014  Murph

I meant "hello Murph" Read More

mike v.
10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

how do i respond to a coach if he asked me a question in my answered Q&A? Read More

mike v.
10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Harry, awesome, that is just exactly what i was looking for!!! Matt Rhodes responded first and gave a great answer as well, it was just not anatomically. Read More

10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Not a question but a couple of comments: 1. I sent you a question a few months back about scapular retraction, thanks for your help. The problem is much improved. 2. "But since I am now having my  Read More

Jessie L
10/22/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello, As a graduate student who is the sole varsity strength coach at my D2 university I plan to try and network by reaching out to as many other coaches as I can, and hopefully visit with coaches Read More

10/22/2014  Matt Rhodes

Hello, As a graduate student who is the sole varsity strength coach at my D2 university I plan to try and network by reaching out to as many other coaches as I can, and hopefully visit with coaches Read More



10/22/2014  Justin Harris

Hi Justin, Im having real trouble getting my chest to grow, I haven't put any size on there for a while, and I can never seem to "feel" my chest working during pressing movements. Any suggestions?  Read More

10/22/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh- I have bum shoulders but really hate having small shoulders... What exercises are best to build size but easy on pain? Seems I have a rotating issue Read More


Fat Loss

10/22/2014  Justin Harris

When working with clients with 20%+ BF and 50-60 lbs to lose, what general diet strategy do you like to start with? More of a "clean up the crap" or one of the keto variety? Read More



10/22/2014  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, since you did DC Training for so long, I was hoping you could tell me what the total cross-section is for electron capture in a 200 MeV Ne2+/N2 collision. Read More

10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vincent, hope all is well with you! I have been following your log very closely as of late and am extremely interested in this new process you're doing! (operation be less fat v.2.42) sounds aw Read More

Luke Aubin
10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

i think you will enjoy 5/3/1...it is nice to kinda have an idea of what you should hit each week,,,it has made my workouts fun again...but i still have about 6-10wks before i can start working out at  Read More

10/21/2014  Brian Schwab

Updated Answer: Brian, I am knda dense so I need forther explination. So for like deadlifts, it says to have 67.5% of your max as bar weight, plus 40lbs in chains. But if I do not have cha Read More

Dave D
10/21/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vinny, just read your post on your run at a 5/3/1 cycle. I am in my 4th cycle of sort of the same thing, lower body stuff was killing my hip and flat bench was bothering my FUBAR'd shoulder. I am doin Read More

Dave W


10/22/2014  Justin Harris

first off glad to see you back here. my question involves nutrition pre peri and post workout. here is my normal routine about 75 min before I lift I eat a good meal from good clean choices... one e Read More

10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Mr Selkow, I previously inquired about high ferritin levels. As far as supplements I've used it would probably be easier to name the ones I haven't used. Not proud of it. When I was younger the magazi Read More

10/20/2014  Yessica Martinez

For an isolate protein, what do you recommend that tastes good? Read More

Amanda A


10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Hi Harry, I looked up Combat Sports Academy and it looks like a pretty cool place. If I'm ever out that way, I'll have to come in and box squat bare foot with you. And exchange some throat punches. Read More

10/21/2014  Clint Darden

Hi Clint, What are your top tips for bringing up a military press? Thanks, Richie Read More

10/21/2014  Clint Darden

Clint, you do a lot of training with bands. Do you think they should be reserved for speed and/or low rep training or are they useful for accessory training in the 5-10 rep range? ie., incline presses Read More

10/21/2014  Harry Selkow

*Asked again. Would love to get an answer from someone, who has knowledge about anatomy/physiology: Hi EFS! I have a anatomical question for you guys on Benchpressing. Of course you know, tha Read More


Squat - Deadlift

10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Thank you to all the experts. I am 55 train in a great EFS inspired home gym and compete raw 1-2x year in PL. Despite my best efforts to maintain good external rotation of my shoulders. I feel lik Read More

10/22/2014  Harry Selkow

Hello, I have a problem when deadlifting that I feel very faint and almost pass out several times each time I have a deadlift session?? I haven't totally collapsed yet but I have come very close sever Read More

10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hey Vince, I'm Scott from Tn, and I've been following your log for awhile. Congratulations on your on your huge Bench earlier this summer. I have no education in these issues, I'm just a recreati Read More



10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hi Vince, I am having a bit of back trouble myself and it seems to be limiting me to the point if I even dynamically stretch it the wrong way I get a spasm, I was curious as to what your general dynam Read More

10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Vince, It's Scott from TN again. I'm sorry to hear about your back spasm after trying some rehab moves I suggested. In the future I'll keep my mouth shut and leave physical therapy to the professi Read More

10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Hi Vinny, Great to here you are coming around with your back. I wondered why when you did inversion you didn't go to 180 degrees in the first place. I been doing inversion for years and I always work Read More

Eric Ostling
10/22/2014  Vincent Dizenzo

Thanks much for taking the time to answer my question! You guys are the best. I did not do much actively during my time off other than minimal core work, rest, some stretching and purchased a memo Read More

10/21/2014  Mark Watts

Hi Mark, I've read before where you've had knee pain and competed in Strongman Comps with a torn meniscus. I've had a meniscus tear with most of the pain/discomfort being toward the back of knee. Cert Read More

10/21/2014  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Thanks Thomas, it is great to hear from someone in the same boat who is making their training work. Read More

Andy C


10/22/2014  Murph

can someone please cut through all the BS on coconut oil, Bulletprood MCT, Lauric Acid, Onnit MCT oil? Onnit markets their product to have 30% Lauric Acid. Is that better than Bulletproof MCT be Read More

mike v.

Business Discussion

10/22/2014  Murph

I know your going to probably say elitefts, but where would be a good place to get a squat rack and dumbbells for cheap? I'm beginning to get equipment for a garage gym to start up a business. do you  Read More



10/21/2014  Brandon Smitley

Hey where would I send the video of me power cleaning for help with my form as to why I'm falling back when I start going to 80 percent of my max ..I just made video Read More

10/21/2014  Hannah Johnson

That is just so cool! Thanks for the video. The video makes it so much more understandable then words. I cant even imagine trying to breathe with that gear while worrying about your time. Amazing and  Read More

Gary Anthony
10/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh, As someone who aspires to do the same thing in the industry as you, what pointers can you give me as far as education, experience and certifications I should be going after? Read More

10/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Hey Josh- speaking at any more seminars soon? Read More



10/21/2014  Shelby Starnes

I read Hartman's article today "ketogenic diets for bulking", http://articles.elitefts.com/nutrition/ketogenic-bulking-and-the-strength-athlete-friends-or-foes/ I have a question that I'm trying to  Read More


Weight Gain

10/21/2014  Josh Bryant

josh I haven't tracked measurements. My Bf has goe from 6-9 percent during this time I am up from 187-196lbs. I am currently hitting everything twice per week. How would you restructure diet. I am doi Read More


Bench Press

10/21/2014  Josh Bryant

Josh, would reverse grip benches be a good assistance exercise for the bench press ? I'm looking for a replacement for wide-grip bench presses, I'm long armed and can't really do wide-grips, do you Read More



10/20/2014  Mark Watts

Hello Mark, I have a question about getting experience for a future job. I would like to be a strength and conditioning coach for a college football program. I was wondering how important playing f Read More

Logan Plumley

Sports Training

10/20/2014  The Thinker

I am a collegiate physical prep coach that is interested in a skype/phone consultation. Is this service available? Read More

Cory Schlesinger


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